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Top 5 Best Business Investment Opportunities In Nigeria (2018 – 2019 Guide)

best investment opportunities nigeria 2019

Top 5 Business Investment Opportunities In Nigeria (2018 – 2019 Guide)

It is great to invest time, energy, and money in several ventures or business opportunities in life. This is crucial because the future of the children and that of your marital home must be secured.

Relying on one source of revenue alone might be so disastrous for you and your family, as job security in Nigeria is not, by any means, guaranteed. The poor want to become rich while the rich want to become richer. So, the only way that guarantees a great future for the common man in Nigeria is by investing.

Investment is a great source of earning great dividends. A strong investment really prepares solid grounds for the future. So, if there are contingencies in the future, the investment may be referred back to for a relief.

Here are the best investment opportunities in Nigeria for the current year:

  1. Federal Government bonds
  2. Farming
  3. Stocks
  4. Real estate
  5. Gold

Nigerian Federal Government Bonds

This is a federal government bond and it creates a great avenue for the people to invest their money and prepare grounds for the future. Since the investment opportunity is owned by the federal government, it becomes a reliable source of revenue and something to refer back to in the future.

It’s generally believed that the government is not likely to collapse at all and, for that reason, a lot of people might have acquired a safe and secure place to invest their money.

The Debt Management Office (DBO) is responsible for the issuance of bonds acting on behalf of the federal government of Nigeria. The bonds are issued by the federal government to develop infrastructures and social amenities in Nigeria and it lasts for a period of 2 to 20 years depending on the choice of the individual investors.

The basic procedure for issuing bonds is that an initial subscription payment of N10,000 is required as a minimum deposit while the subsequent re-subscription may be paid in multiples of N1000. Whichever timeframe is chosen by the investor, interest is paid twice within a 12-month calendar period.

The investor continues to receive interest two times in a year not until the investment timeframe is confirmed to have lapsed. Once the interest has been paid consecutively to the individual investor, it follows that the investor gets the principal amount in return.

In a nutshell, investing in the FGN bonds is just a way of lending money to the federal government and earning dividends in returns.


It’s generally indisputable that the food we’re eating daily is an essential part of what makes us live. So, in order to live a healthy life, food must be eaten in the appropriate diet. Agriculture has helped a lot of Nigerian make millions and even billions producing food for the people.

As part of the steps to diversify economy and to empower the youths in Nigeria through agriculture, the federal government has organized the various ways in which people now have access to all kinds of grants and agricultural loans.

The government provides agricultural loans and grants to the people in all areas of farming such as fish farming, commercial farming, subsistence farming, poultry farming, and many more.

Before grants can be disbursed to anyone, certain parameters will be investigated first such as the estimated amount required, the kind of resources already made available, the market to target, and many more.

Though farming is regarded as one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria, some Nigerians are not really interested in doing it directly. An alternative for anyone who still wants to be involved in farming but wouldn’t want to be engaged directly is to consult the appropriate enterprises that help to use the grants to farm on one’s behalf.


Though stock is an old investment opportunity in Nigeria and the Nigerian Stock Market experienced a crash as far back as 2008, it remains one of the best investment opportunities as the system has been experiencing vast growth since then. Going by the returns so far, the taking is worth the risk. It offers a geometrical increase in yields, capital, and high return on investment (ROI).

Because stocks are regarded as liquid investment, it’s almost available whenever there are unforeseen contingencies. To make the most of this investment, one needs to conduct a market research.

Real Estate

Though a real estate is worth your investment, the required capital is huge. No matter how high the capital requirement for becoming a real estate investor might be, it can be started first on the low side.

There are still portions of landed property in Nigeria that are being sold for token amounts, whereas, the areas may likely develop in a better and more marketable location at any moment when the same portion of land that was sold for N100,000 a plot might suddenly have developed into a N1,000,000 plot-of-land location.

So, you’ll make a lot of profits when the land you bought so cheap long ago will be resold at a more profitable price in the nearest future. The portions of land purchased at no cost several years ago may have become something worthwhile at a future time.

If you’re investing with a big amount of capital, targeting locations in the industrial areas as well as building structures that can be rented or purchased by industries in the future should be given a consideration. It really pays future dividends.

Most companies look for targeted locations and wouldn’t mind spending huge amounts of money on renting those buildings you’ve built on your own landed property so far. Some may use it as an office while others may just rent it as their office main building.


Investing in gold is one of the most profitable ways to invest your money. With a sum of N400,000, you can successfully start investing in gold. It’s a golden business for those who love investing in gold.

Because of the incredible vitality assigned to it, it has become a golden and profitable business now in Nigeria and a lot of people are making the most of it.

When you’re about to start investing in gold, you may decide to buy gold-plated items such as cooking utensils, phones, and many more. You may also have to buy gold from the Northern regions such as Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, and so many places.




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