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Rita Dominic Latest News: Hear What She’d To Say About Her Romance Life

Oct 9, 2011 – Rita Dominic Latest News: Hear What She’d To Say About Her Romance Life

In this recent interview with a popular media firm, Nollywood actress Rita Dominic not only talked about her private life, hear what she’d to say about the man in her life. Read the excerpts below

We don’t hear about whom you are dating, we don’t hear your wedding bells or if you are even interested in wedding bells?

You don’t hear about whom I am dating because I have learned how to keep my private business private. If you want to hear wedding bells, why don’t you ring it yourself?

But your fans want to know Not every tiny detail of my private life, I am already on twitter and facebook so they know a lot about me already. I try not to discuss my relationships because I hate what happens whenever it gets out. Every little thing becomes magnified and not many men can handle being under that kind of scrutiny. And when it does not work out, you are expected to start explaining why it did not work or start forming that you never had a relationship in the first place. No thank you.

So stardom can be quite stressful on a relationship?

Oh yes it can be especially if it is not built on a solid foundation. I have seen what it has done to people in my industry. Being in a relationship is already tough not to add the drama that we carry around as public people. Apart from that, keeping your relationship private is also a way of sorting out who really likes you for you or who wants to date you just for the publicity.

Red carpet romance?Exactly! Oh that is good one. I will use it from now. Believe me, they are plenty out there and that is why I cherish a man who is on the same page as you, someone who is more interested in your peace of mind not causing drama every minute. Don’t get me wrong a little drama is good for a relationship but not the kind of drama that appears in newspapers.

Is your boyfriend someone we know?(laughter) Who? Is he cute?

See this woman! What does it matter if he is cute or not?

You would date an ugly man?

Don’t get me wrong, cute is cute but I don’t date a guy just for his good looks. It is about his mind, his heart, and most especially the way I feel when I am with him and the way he makes me feel. Ahhhh this interview needs to end.

Just a few more and I will wrap up. Did you spend it at an orphanage?Even if I did, you will not know about it. The only time you will hear about something like that is when it is part of creating awareness or raising funds for the charity. Apart from that, my private charitable works is not for the public to know. It is just the same reason you don’t go to the altar waving your money for everyone to see before you put it in offering box.

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