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Yoruba Tribe: The Most Tolerant People With Reputable History In Nigeria; Hausas, The Most Honest

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Oct 21, 2013 – Yoruba Tribe: The Most Tolerant People With Reputable History In Nigeria; Hausas, The Most Honest

We all know that Yorubas are the most accommodating people,while Hausas are the most honest,and igbos are the most greedy,and arrogant people. let us call a spade a spade. Igbos do not grant other tribes space in their land,especially when it comes to issue of building houses,or doing business in their land.if you dare try to force yourself to go against them,you rather find yourself to be blamed,cos you may end up dead.

Yorubas have an open heart, soft kinded heart,they accommodate a lot,until they see you being trying to be smart on them.i have loads of Igbo friends,I can tell you that some of them,can die bcos of their one naira to be with you. I have sheltered 2igbo girls under my roof at university of Benin then,for 3months,without them knowing it is right for them to even drop a cup of rice to contribute to what am doing for them.

They we rather go to new Benin market,and buy clothes,and dress big,while I fed them from own pocket money.They saw me as a yoruba mumu girl,who doesn’t complain,but I can tell you I knew what I was doing bcos I was brought up to render help regardless of what it may cost me,bcos God will return it,in a way I least expected.

Today I have outshined them,am a lawyer now based in NY doing great.God has being so faithful bcos He will never forget my efforts.Now are days our yoruba men,getting married to them,even make the man cater for all the bride family.Gone are the days Igbo marry Igbo bcos,their men don’t even want them again bcos of their attitude.

Some Igbo girls lack respect,and they are wayward.sorry for this,but I can tell you I know them,like the Palm of my hand. Igbos should learn to be accommodating,honest,and lest lust after money.l don’t really get worry much about all these attitude of igbos,but the one that irritate me most,is their level of illiteracy,concerning birth.

If you get married to an Igbo man,you have 3female kids,without a boy,you are as good as being childless to them.what a pity?isn’t not that gives children?another one is the way they treat their widows, OMG!very scary,and brutal.immediately your husband dies,be prepare to face wall,in fact you are as good as dead,if u happen to be an Igbo girl.

An Igbo man will sell a fake market to you,and swear by his mother grave that it is genius,yet that thing will not last a month,you go to them,and complain,they will insult your generation.

Igbo men,have the record of the most heart breakers,some beat their wives,while few can go extral mile to pamper their wives.i have a friend named Cynthia,an Igbo girl,from family of 6girls,of course I don’t need to tell you why they are up to 6,bcos they man want a man by fire by force.ok,as God will have it,her mother finally gave birth to their brother,making 6girls,1boy.The man abandoned,all the girls,face only the boy.They always have to go through their younger brother to collect something’s from their father,and that makes the boy also arrogant,and see himself as God.

The man finally sent them out of his house,and the mother cater alone for 6children,cos the man sees only that boy as his child.what a life,what a trauma.And @obinna,what do you know about politics? yorubas betrayed igbos at civil war,who told you that?if you have some one that will be honest with you in your family,like an honest old person,approach the person,after hearing the truth,you will be so sorry for yourself.

And for the people condemning fashola for repatriating some igbos,you don’t know what these people had started causing before he took the decision.He sent people that are homeless,and jobless in a way,cos Lagos is not working for them.These people can actually be more useful at their various villages if they go into farming,and contribute to the economy of the country,instead of the snatching phones,under the bridge,and contributing nuisance to Lagos state.

Also,Fashola did the same to some Yorubas,who he thought Lagos wasn’t the right place for them to be bcos they can actually go well in other part of yoruba land bcos of the expensive,and sophisticated life in Lagos,and that Lagos what already overflow,and instead of them sleeping under the bridge,he sent them is their anything bad in that?it happens all over the world.

To be honest@obinna………Yorubas spread their wings to accommodate every tribe.Hardly will you go to any part of yoruba land,that you find igbos,places like Ibadan,osun,Ado ekiti,oho,Akure,and to all the small small villages.

Infact,they dominate aleshin loye market in Ibadan.Now can’t how many places you can find Yorubas in your land? An Igbo man can walk into anywhere in yoruba land,and start business,or purchase land. Is that like that in the eastern part of Nigeria?nooo way,he’ll no!They will never allow you,not to talk of purchasing land or start a business.

An Igbo man will call Yorubas the most dirtiest,why?but the truth is that,each and everyone are being brought up in a different way,from different background.some igbos are the worse.i have lived so much around them,what I love about them is their soup.

i cook perfectly almost all their of isala soup,oha soup,bitter leaf soup,olubu soup,njuju soup,idi ka ikong soup,pardon if nt spelt well,among others. infact,there egusi soup is my favourite,their okro soup superb,yam pepper soup,delicious,and this their food made it cassava slices.i love their food till death.

My ex was an Igbo guy from Anambra, I nearly die. He beat me with anything he laid his hands on. He once threw bottle at me ,hold my neck,locked me up in his room,very brutal. His friends are always talking with him, that if you lose this girl,u will definitely regret it,all these when we were in school. His mum,was always not happy about us,but she can send me to the market, I will cook different kind of soup,put in her freezer,cook jollof rice,fried rice,and keep for them,wash her clothes,tidy a whole house,but what did I get?

if she sees her son with me,in a room,or talking together,trouble.she will end up calling him,and ask every details of her know why?am a yoruba girl.

What she love about me alone is being her housemaid,hardworking,submissive,but not for her daughter in law.But u know what,now they beg for me to come back into their lives always sending me messages on FBK.But too late.let me share a little secret,why the igbos fear me.why do they love money so ex knew,despite the fact that I hid it from him,found out that I came from a wealthy family,called me one day to my greatest surprise that,he has found out finally who I am,he is so sorry,he loves me,and he want to be a better man,and that why v I being hiding my real identity from him. I said this because I want true love.

You know what he Said,he came up with a business plan.Ask me what business?”that I should act as if I was kidnapped,then he will put a call through to my parents,and demand for huge sum of money so we can both start a business that will Shake Benin. I was shocked to my bone marrow,then I knew,I don enter wrong motor.

As God will have it,almost true wt my studies at university still posting him about the plans, because I didn’t want to get killed,the bible says be wise as serpent,and be gentle as dove.

To cut the long story short,I finished my studies,and flee out of the closed. My eyes don see for this world I dey so.l can never,and will never allow my kids,to marry an Igbo man,unless,and totally convinced of him. my cousin just got married to an Igbo girl,we are all praying for him,but I think bcos she is an orphan,she’s got a calm character.

Nice girl though,but we found that,she was raised by a yoruba woman,who was her neighbor.

Yorubas have good upbringing.i am proud to be a yoruba girl. Yorubas have their faults too in a way, but certainly not in a way of not being good to people.

We are very generous,accommodating,and homely.Thanks

[Article by Dunni in response to Tribalism and racism in Nigeria]



  1. philez

    October 21, 2013 at 3:19 PM

    @dunni we ve sen ur fustrations,but i wnt tell u dat wit all u ve said abt u igbos,u ar a liar frm pit of hell, u ar nt successfull as u said nt talk of livin in NY.u wnt to b heard lik odas on facebook, for ur imformation u ar just bn jelouse n fustrated bcos may b ur bad character n runin of ur mouth did nt allow igbo man to marry u n u tink u can badmouth us on facebook,oda yorubas may b gud but u in paticular is far frm bn gud nt talk of considerin as a wife wit wat u ve just vomited frm ur mouth against a whole race.repent cos devil is pinchin a tent in ur heart.if u dnt lik igbos y did at 1st placin datin dem?

  2. ada

    September 14, 2016 at 9:05 AM

    you lack understanding in its highest form. you can’t go about writing things you don’t know basic facts about.Do your research again and create a better cant say rubbish because of your useless experience.

  3. Val

    December 7, 2018 at 9:46 PM

    And the thing you said about marriage… Is like you watch to much Nigeria films… Where they deceive you….and the heart breaks ….gosh …Yoruba men are the literary speaking the allow the woman to work for the work they are suppose to bring as a bread winner….and their children one can have many step mother or father…. I stayed in ijebu ode for 9 years….am talking from experience …please go and learn life

  4. Mike

    January 28, 2019 at 1:28 AM

    Not an impressive English for someone living in new York, or does the NY mean something else? And your story about your boyfriend and your riches sounds like a fairy tell you wish could happen?

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