Fathia Balogun’s Biography & Profile

fathia balogun biography

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To those who do not know her, Fathia Balogun is  a popular Yoruba actress who got married to Saheed (Saidi) Balogun in the early days of her career.

She has featured in several Yoruba and Nollywood movies.

One of her popular movie is Yemoja where she acted as a Goddess of the river.

Fathia Balogun Biography & Profile

The sexy Nigerian actress was born on February 5th, year 1969 in Ukwara, Water Side Local Government in Delta State.

She speaks the following languages fluently namely

  • Urhobo
  • English
  • Yoruba
  • Pidgin English

She spent most of her learning years in Lagos State Nigeria where she attended the following schools

  • Olufunmilola Nursery School, Ikeja, Lagos State.
  • Maryland Primary School, Maryland, Lagos State.
  • Maryland Comprehensive High School, Lagos.
  • Kwara State Polytechnic, Kwara State

Fathia Balogun was born into a polygamous family of 9.

Her parents name = Mr & Mrs Williams

Siblings = Ken Williams, Anderson Williams, Charles Williams, Joseline Williams & Stella Williams

At this time in her career she’s doing well however, her marital life has hit the rock bottom since she parted away with her ex-husband, Saheed Balogun.

Fathia Balogun wedding to a US based business man was delayed due to an issue she faced with the man’s ex-girlfriend.

We learnt she threatened to kill her.

A school of thought said the actress has decided to give dating a shot again
Naijagists.com wishes her the very best in her career


81 thoughts on “Fathia Balogun’s Biography & Profile

  1. Whenever I watch ur film again and I discovered u are nt with saheed I feel pain in my heart.I lv too of u being hus and wife.pls my heart is broken for u.I want u to come together whatever will cost u

  2. My sis, if going back will bring peace to your life, i will advise you do so and if other wise, i pray God will see you thru. Amen.

  3. Sis Fathia,I love you so much,you are one of the virtuous woman in history
    please for God sake,listen to millions of nigerians voice of reason
    Go back to your husband “Saheed”you will never regret doing so in Jesus name

  4. Luv u d way u act nd learn gr8 lesson 4rm it, pls mum 4 God sake go back 2 ur hus 4 d sake of ur kids wat God has join 2geda pls dont allow enemy 2 put assunda 4 d sake of allah,b a gud mother.luv u so much sweet mum

  5. There is something wonderful about this lady: she is naturally a survivor by her names: Fathia Williams Balogun, they all agree in substance. Faihia is strong and invincible.

  6. My pple, yez it is gud 2 go bk to her 1st lov bt no one cn tel if Walata is ready to reunite wit her again nd moreover, fathia is nt a kid, she knws wat is gud 4 her.

  7. am nt happy 4 wat is happen btw u nd ur hubby ma,mrs balogun i want 2 advice u 4 go back 2 ur children,did u knw that yoruba proverb said ti aba tori epo je isu, a ma ti ori isu je epo,water ur husband do 4 u,jst 4get nd focus on ur child,dont 4get al d film dat u are acting is jst 4 fun,people learn 4rm it,nd u too go bak go and watch d film u wil learn mre abt d future,bt as 4 me i put al dis blame on u bcos u do film dat pple learn 4rm it nd u dnt use wat pple acieve 4rm u,i promise if u r nt going bak 2 ur husband house,i promise u i wil neva watch d film dat u act nd al my family,i wil blackmail al d film u r actin ni,cos u dnt put gud example 4 another woman,i love u in al actres and u av make me hate u,until u go back 2 husband house,angry..

  8. No one as ever lov u d way I do buh to mak 4ever lik dat be wise n think carefully d best n worst of d future z in ur hands, wish u success in ur endeavour

  9. I am really impressed by her works.. She should keep doing it. And she should keep looking pretty

  10. To be sincere,I love fathia balogun Williams. She’s my best actress. My dreams is to live with her. My advice for her is that she should go back to her husband so that the responsibility of two will not be vested on her. Though,she might be rich enough to take care of her children but there should be something that the husband would also have to take responsibility of. So therefore am pleading with you just go back and make children happy again

  11. Plz 6ster fathia go bck ur hus saidi balogun no mata wot has apun plz 4gv im coz of ur children..we all luv u ..a broda 2 bose aregbesola


  13. You all are asking her to go back to Saidi, is Saidi ready to take her back? Life is like a field that we do things according to our destiny. If they were destined to be forever, they will not separate. If staying away from Saidi will make you to live long, please continue with your life and face your future and your children. I don’t even know if some of you knows that Saidi is not Fathia first husband. May God almighty be with you Fathia.

  14. Sister Fathia Balogun I wish you well. But please it’s very important that you and your husband needs to settle your misunderstanding and come together again to rebuild the collapsed wall. You are a public figure. God will help you.

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