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How to Stop Exam Malpractices & Cheating In Nigeria… Solution To Examination Malpractices In Nigeria:

how to stop examination malpractices nigeria

How to Stop Exam Malpractices & Cheating In Nigeria… Solution To Examination Malpractices In Nigeria

When it comes to dealing in examination malpractices, this is most rampant in African countries, particularly in West African countries. The rate of this unjust practice in many parts of West Africa has become higher than ever and it’s jeopardizing the standard of education generally.

Examination malpractices occur in all public examinations including the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE), the General Certificate Examination (GCE), the National Examination Council (NECO), Nursing exams, the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), the post UTME and many other examinations popularly enrolled in by the generality of students.

Examination malpractices can cause a lot of problems and drawbacks in any country as youths will constitute nuisance when they can’t defend the certificates they’re holding. For instance, several death cases which came up as a result of doctors’ incompetence have occurred in many African hospitals and medical centers.

How would a doctor perform well in his medical operations when he could not pass examinations without getting involved in malpractices? Definitely, such a person would be detrimental to people’s health and, of course, expose more people to danger and health risk.

In trying to control examination malpractices in Nigeria and the rest of other West African countries, the following tips may be helpful:

  1. Students must be sensitized on the need to prepare and sit for examinations on their own
  2. Parents must be sensitized on the need to discourage the children from getting involved in examination malpractices
  3. The standard of education must be raised through a strong curriculum
  4. The government must encourage the youths to flee from examination malpractices

Students must be Sensitized on the Need to Prepare and Sit for Examinations on their Own

With a few words of exhortation at all times, teachers can succeed in sensitizing the students on the need to prepare and sit for examinations on their own rather than looking out for shortcuts elsewhere.

And for this to be achieved on the part of the teachers, every frantic effort must be made to ensure that they discharge their best while in class with the students.

Parents must be Sensitized on the Need to Discourage the Children from Getting Involved in Examination Malpractices

Once the parents can conscientiously play their parental role in giving the children the best of educational standards right from the onset, there will be no cause for children to grow up and get involved in examination malpractices in the future.

Conversely, it’s so unfortunate to know that most students who get involved in examination malpractices today get the encouragement to do so from their parents. They get the full support from their parents to do this evil which will surely work against or jeopardize their future.

The Standard of Education must be raised through a Strong Curriculum

The curriculum must be constantly reviewed if the need arises. This must be effected to improve the overall standard of education in the country and make the youths see their future secured and guaranteed with a sound educational background.

Once reviewed and updated, teachers must ensure to make use of the curriculum efficiently to build the lives of these youths who are the leaders of tomorrow.

The Government must Encourage the Youths to Flee from Examination Malpractices

For optimal results to be found, the government has her role to play in the course of making education wax stronger and encouraging the youths to flee totally from all forms of examination malpractices.

Any nation that doesn’t put these youths in mind will crumble terribly and crime rate will increase geometrically.

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