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How To Transfer Airtime Credit & Data From 9Mobile Etisalat

how to tranfer airtime credit data etisalat 9mobile

How To Transfer Airtime Credit & Data From 9Mobile Etisalat

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to send airtime credit to someone (maybe a friend or relative) but couldn’t?

Then worry no more, for this article is up to the rescue.

As you know, all network providers have the airtime transfer service.

They all have different procedures and today, we will be talking about how to do it on the etisalat network.

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In this article, you will learn how to activate balance transfer service in etisalat, get your transfer pin, transfer airtime, transfer data to other etisalat users, and more.

Can’t wait?

Then lets get down to business.

How To Activate Balance Transfer Service On 9Mobile Etisalat

Activating the balance transfer service in etisalat is as easy as “ABC”.

All you have to do, is follow a set of simple steps.

These steps are USSD based, so they can be carried out on any mobile phone.

It doesn’t require internet connection or stuffs like that.

Here’s how it goes:

To activate the transfer service on etisalat (9mobile), you have to first create a pin code.

Don’t worry’ it’s easy.

Th default pin is “0000”. This default pin cannot be used for any transaction. You have to change it to a custom one.

This is so, for privacy and security reasons.

How To Get Pin Code For 9Mobile Etisalat Airtime Credit Transfer

This is as simple as picking up your phone and dialing, *247*0000*NEW PIN#

Yeah! That’s it.

 You just have to dial *247*,default pin which is “0000”, *, New pin (any pin of your choice, but must be 4 digit long only) then “#”.

i.e, If I want to use “5855” as my pin, then my USSD code would look like this;


Clear, right?

It’s as easy as that.

 Now, over to the main part, “How to transfer credit on 9mobile(etisalat).

Note: Estisalat is 9mobile (They are the same).

Transferring credit on 9mobile (etisalat) like I have said earlier, is as easy as “ABC”.

How To Transfer Airtime Credit On 9Mobile Etisalat

This is as easy as the first step you took, which was, “activating the transfer service”

All you have to do at this point, is dial *223*PIN CODE*AMOUNT YOU WANT TO SEND*9mobile PHONE NUMBER OF RECEIVER #

N/B: The pincode is the new one you created.

 After dialing this, you will receive  an on-screen prompt message asking you to confirm the transaction. Answer “1”, to confirm the transaction, or “2” to cancel it.

This is just too easy!!

 Try not to forget your pin.

 For those who have been using this service before now, but stopped because they forgot their pin codes, I have something for you.

Forgot 9Mobile Etisalat Pin? What Do I Do

We are humans and it is only natural, that we forget certain things atimes.

If you happen to have forgotten your etisalat transfer pin, there is a way to reset it.

Good news, right? 

Resetting your etisalat pin is simple, and does not require any computer, software, or smartphone.

You can do it even with a “Nokia 3310 (Old model).”

Just dial the etisalat customer care number “200” and send. All you’ll do from here, is follow the voice prompt to either speak with an agent, or try to locate airtime transfer category.

It’s easy.

After Successfully resetting your pin, you have to make sure you remember it.

You can write it down in a secret diary.

Some users aren’t just good with pins. They forget their pins and passwords easily.

These kind of users always search online for ways to transfer airtime without pin.

How To Transfer Credit From 9Mobile Etisalat To Etisalat Without Pin

Now, let me make a clarification on this topic here today.

Users hit this query on google all the time.

There is no way to do this. The network providers do not make provision for such and trust me when I tell you, It’s is for your own good.

Transferring credit without any form of secure pin is very unsafe.

Anyone could possibly pick up your phone and transfer any amount to his/her mobile number, as far as they are on the same network provider with you.

You can see why this is not advisable.

The situation would be more like, having an ATM Card without a pin.


Another similar query users hit often is how to transfer credit from etisalat (9mobile) to MTN or other network providers.

How To Transfer Airtime From Etisalat 9Mobile To MTN

While this would have been extremely fun, there is yet no proven method, or better still, let me put it this way; the network providers have not really looked into this.

You can only send airtime to other network users, using the ussd bank airtime transfer code of the network.

That is if your etisalat sim is registered with your bank account for alert, and you have an ATM card.

You just need to dial the network provider airtime transfer code, put in the amount you want to transfer, put in the receiver’s number when asked to, and put in your 5 digit mobile banking transfer pin.

The receiver will be credited instantly.

It’s as easy as that. Although not directly from your Etisalat balance.

I will update you guys whenever there is a better way to do this.

Read on, for there is more. 

Now, lots of etisalat users do not know they can send airtime credit to people in other countries.

Someone even asked me recently, if there was a way to send airtime balance on etisalat to someone in India.

 Well, the answer is Yes

 You can send airtime to people in other countries and not just India.

Here’s how:

Etisalat Balance Transfer To India And Other Countries

Surely, this can be done, and with ease.

Surprised, right? 

Well, expect even more for this is the “IT era”.

You can easily send etisalat airtime to anyone in India and other parts of the world, If there is ever a need for you to.

Here’s how to make this happen.

Note:: You must possess a phone with access to the internet, and a good browser (HTML 5, not WAP browsers).

Now, to do this, you have to visit,

You can do that after finishing this article.

Read on, for there is plenty more where that came from., is a fast and secure service that can be used to send airtime to anyone, anywhere in the world.

All you have to do is select the recipient’s country, and click on start recharge, to start the process.

It’s easy.

You have to pay a little service charge which is totally okay, compared to the service offered.

Your recipient receives his/her recharge or recharge card code as you may want it to be, within minutes.

They make use of fast banking connections, and payment methods, which comes with a cost for them too and thus, the little service fee users pay.

You can visit the site to learn more about their service. However, if you would like to transfer data on etisalat, then continue reading.

Apart from the whole airtime transfer stuffs, you can also easily transfer data on etisalat.

Read on for the easy steps.

How To Transfer Data From Etisalat To Etisalat

Everyone needs a data bundle to either chat on social media, watch videos online, download files, and surf the net.

The network providers took a huge step towards making life easier, by adding the data transfer service.

With this, you can easily transfer data to friends and relatives who maybe, have run out of it.

On etisalat (9mobile), doing this is simple, and USSD based.


i.e, *229*,PIN: This is not your credit transfer pin, but your etisalat default security pin which is “0000”, then (*), THE AMOUNT, (*), AND THE RECEIVER’S NUMBER FOLLOWED BY THE (#) symbol at the end.

Clear, right?

 Okay, lets say I want to send 50MB to 080XXX.

Here’s how my USSD code would look like:

*229*0000*50*080XXX #

That’s it.

Note: The maximum data volume for transfer per day on etisalat is 250MB. At least for now.

You can see how easy it is.

In all, enjoy your newly acquired package of knowledge.



  1. Bola

    July 13, 2019 at 11:19 AM

    Wrong impression with regards to resetting your pin when you forget it. i called 200 and we asked to give the puk number and some other information you least expect and was not readily available. Even with you bank account, you don’t get such interrogations.

  2. Emmanuel Odabei

    November 7, 2019 at 2:12 PM

    I forgot my 9mobile airtime transfer code , what do I do? because I want to do transfer of credit now

  3. james

    August 1, 2020 at 9:13 PM

    what is 9mobile airtime transfer limit?

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