How Do I Tell My Fiancee I’m Impotent? I Have Proposed To Her

i am impotent

Sept 13, 2012 – How Do I Tell My Fiancee I’m Impotent? I Have Proposed To Her

My name is Raymond; I hailed from Bayelsa.

After my involvement in a very ghastly car accident few years back, my reproductive system was damaged.

Ever since the tragic accident, the doctor has declared me impotent.

I met this beautiful woman back in 2008 and I really fell in love with her.

On our first date she told me she’s a virgin and I vowed not to touch her until after marriage.

We have been in the relationship for 4 years now and our parent are aware of it.

I proposed to her in December of last year but the problem I have is this?

How do I tell her am unable to perform in bed? I’m impotent

Please help me I really don’t want to lose her.

Liberal readers could you please give this man your suggestion. Thank you

28 thoughts on “How Do I Tell My Fiancee I’m Impotent? I Have Proposed To Her

  1. I am sorry for what you have been through however, your actions is selfish and cruel. You should have let her know the truth, the decision is hers to make not yours. You are living a lie for four years and leading her on is pure wickedness. How would you feel if someone do that to your own sister? Please, tell her the truth as soon as possible, she needs to know, it is her right and your obligation to let her know the truth.

  2. tell her now, or face the deceit later, it is better to have a breaking relationship than a broken home. it is rather unfortunate but both of you can settle the problem together if she really love you.

  3. My dear Raymond , if ur really impotent due to de accident u had , tell ur fiancee , it s a cross if she can bear it then , carry on but no man or woman ll hv dis known n just jump in . Discuss with her first if really u had an accident am sure she ll know abt it . De choice is left 4 her to make thank you n God bless your heart

  4. you must be a wicked fool. Why start what you know you cant finish? Not even in the next future. What if she was you sister?

  5. is better 2 tell her d truth nw than hidin d true bcos if lie go twenty years true wil catch up one day.if she really love u she wil stil b ur wife

  6. Well,its rily bad u didnt tell ha b4 d proposal bt u jux have 2 tel ha nw…pls try as much as possible 2 do dat


  8. So selfish infact wat kind of person ar u.u ar into a relationship for 4years and u said u luv her u dnt explain to her dat u ar impotent moreover if d lady knows she is goin 2 dump u.

  9. Just bin a man n tell her the truth..dan u telling her after marriage, cos if she finds out her self, she may nt 4give u 4 life.n I tink taking d bound step n telling her the truth, can mk her trust u d more..but if u doubt me, then follow yr heart.

  10. Be a man n tel her d truth in time, she may or may not forgive u, its up to her 2 do what she thinks. Perhaps she may 4give u

  11. Which one is better for you? To tell her or keep it to yourself until you eventually marry her before she discovers?

  12. Please console ur mood,u re not impotent.there is nt God cannt do,ask God 4 a new reproductive.many women 2day re infertile but they cried 2 God 4 womb,he gave them wat they have requested 4.u can produce,u need faith.u re wondafully made,handsome guy like u.thx,martin by name,cheerio mr. Raymond.

  13. Don’t be deceived as u are posting this msg of urs, your fiancee is already in the know because either u like it or not one or two of those that have read or will read this will definitely know ur fiancee and tell her. So its better u disclose it to her now and face the consequence together

  14. Pls,disclose the situation of things to dat lady. If actually u love each other u will both find solution to the matter. God is in control.

  15. Their is nothing God can not do,all u jst need is to have faith in God, u will b normal speak faith filled words jst as he said in his word d holy bible ,hope u are born again, if u are nt u jst hv 2 give ur life 2 Christ Jesus

  16. I really pity those who gave U all sorts of insult in the name of advising U. Some people are too stupid that they don’t even imagine how others feel in certain condition or situations. Listen my brother, U are not impotent and U will bear children, but pls tell her the truth before U marry her. She will not leave U. I fell teriebly bad over Ur condition but may the healing God visit Ur case Amen.

  17. Dude, the best thing for you to do is tell her. If it was meant to be, she will stand by you. If she leaves you, then you’ve had a lucky escape. Either way, she is bound to get angry, because keeping that sort of secret from her is horrible. You still find somebody who loves you for you. God bless.

  18. My brother,the truth is bitter but must be spoken. I believe in prayers. If u truly love her and really wants to marry her,then pray had and then tell her.Days are going, the earlier u tell her the earlier solutions quickly comes. Be courageous man.

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