Tonto Dike’s Addiction To Cigarette

Monday August 1st, 2011  – The question that comes to Nollywood movie lovers mind is Does Tonto Dike Smoke?. Yes she does

This past year the news of Tonto Dike slumping on a movie set went viral inside and outside Nollywood.

Below is a current report obtained from Blue Print about her :

‘Popular actress, Tonto Dike no doubt combines brain and beauty, which she has been bringing to the acting table ever since participating in the popular reality TV show, Next Movie Star some years back.

You may also remember Miss Dike for her controversial role in Dirty Secret, a pornographic movie in which she acted a sexually explicit role alongside Jibola Dabor, Maryann Apollo and Muna Obiekwe. The movie raised quite a lot of dust last year. But Tonto’s penchant for controversial movie roles seemed to have gradually taken a backseat, as many of her fans who have spotted her puffing away at events, clubs and some secluded places, are now concerned about her health, which could be in danger if this habit is not quickly controlled.

This actress’s sizzling romance with cigarettes is getting worrisome as she now brings it out at the slightest opportunity without giving a hoot about who is around or watching. At the album launch of a young artiste recently, CelebGist’s source caught the sexy actress as she brought out a pack of a particular dangerous brand and lit one, much to the awe of her fans and stakeholders of the industry at the event.’

44 thoughts on “Tonto Dike’s Addiction To Cigarette

    • My dear we knw she isnt a baby bt d way she is goin abt it wuld destroy her she lives on ciggaretes datz hw bad

  1. Smokin realy is nt gud,bt mayb she hs passed tru a hardtim dat made smokin her companion,nd nw she jst cnt do witout it.i beliv she’l chang cos hv woked wit her,she hs a mind set of changin.tak it easy on her

  2. i dont tink she is ready to stop since she has decided not to listen to the million of advises given her.

  3. hi darlin u ar to biutiful 4 all this k, i luv u so much wht soever d problem mayb take it easy on ursef.luv u

  4. she should keep smokin nd die and just give way for other up comin artiste.afterall she should knw what smokin can cause to ur tonto a high five,keep it up

  5. Find and intelligent actress. Old enough to know what she wants. A bit of a disappointment cos l really admire and enjoy her acting but if she want to waste good luck.

  6. tonto, people love you so much and that is why they are concerned about your health but only u can decide the direction u want your life to go. It’s ur choice sister.

  7. Tonto isn’t a child. She knows what’s good for health so if she has decided to be a chain smoker let her be. But she should remember that her life is very short.

  8. Tonto, pls. Life is so precious, i beg u in d of God handle it wit care. But i pray God wil change U 4 gud in Jesus name.

  9. Tonto dear,u r 2 biutiful 2 die young n a role model 4 sum out dere.y nt set a gud example n mk a choice 2 liv lng n peaceful

  10. why will a hamsome girl like dat is disgracing her self smoking cigerate will a man get married to her in dis world tomto is not fair change ur life style oooh!!!

  11. My dear Tonto, i think you have to curtail some of ur excess. Even those that produce cigarret said it is dangerous to health… I have not seen you smoke before, but whn a lie is told repeatedly, it begins to wear the toga of the truth. I like you so much, but put yourself in check, pls.

  12. tonto very few people may want to know y u smoke,every body says dis nd dat but no one can make decisions for u, i like every fink about u but will still tell u d truth smokin is not gud, the bible says for wat will it profit a man to gain d whole world nd lose his soul, i will only pray for u dat God will help u through wat ever it is i cant condem u, u are still better dan so many out there cheers….

  13. We can understand if u’re smoking just for a role in a movie or once in a while.i’m one of ur no.1 fan and i won’t want to hear that ur lungs stopped responding cuz of the amount of nicortine u have consumed.pls pls slow down girl pls.

  14. u guyz should please give this tonto dikeh babe a break! ….she likes smoking HER LIFE!…she likes acting dirty movies HER LIFE!…she doesnt give a fuck about wat anyone says about her HER LIFE!…SHE IS BOSS!…and as for the dirty secret movie u guyz r making noise about FOR CHRIST SAKE ITS A FREAKING MOVIE!!..THATS WHY SHE IS AN ACTRESS AND WHAT DO ACTRESSES DO?? THEY FUCKING ACT ANY ROLE GIVEN TO THEM BY THEIR DIRECTORS THATS WHAT THEY DO FOR A LIVING!…can’t u guyz see how popular this movie made her become? a matter of fact i think her name tastes so good in the mouth of many thats y they cant stop sayin shit about her!

  15. I luv Tonto so much bcos of d way she play her roles well in d movie…either a gud or bad girl she interpretes just perfect.So stop smokin n live long cos is not gud 4 ur health as a woman.

  16. as beautiful as u are, u want to demage ur life, don’t u know that smoking destroys the kidney, maybe u think u have money to cure urself but let me tell u dat precaution is better than cure

  17. Hmm i pity u 4 d type of lifestyle u ar doing, i really luvs u but that was then, b4 i realised d type of babe u ar. My advice 2 u is just 2 b endeavour and reduce smoking wot u wil nt benefit anytin 4rm it {ciggarette} u ar nt an engine neither u ar a car, but y wuld u b oozing and intruding smoke in2 ur lungs. Better take care many luvs u, if u dnt luv urself

  18. TONTO u can smoked your head n died for all I can, u ar nt betta dan dos dat has died since u ar d one digging your grave for ursef, d devil wil b very happy tp welcom a beautiful celebrity in his kingdom, so make haste wen d sun shine to join him, foooooooool.

  19. Tonto i look up 2 u plz stop, if u die i dnt see y i wud watch nigerian movies agn cz u da rzn i lyk thm. Hot movie hey…passion of my destiny

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