Ndi Ofe Nmanu Igbo Word Meaning

Ndi Ofe Nmanu is not a good word. Igbo people refer to Yoruba people as Ndi Ofe meaning people who are fond of eating oily soup.

They also refer to Yoruba people as Ngbati Ngbati meaning Yoruba people are fond of using Ngbati in the words (Ngbati means then)

3 thoughts on “Ndi Ofe Nmanu Igbo Word Meaning

  1. Ndi Ofe Nmanu is not a bad word rather it is a pointer to akind of people whose pattern of cooking includes larger portion of oil.
    Haters can twist it to mean anything.
    Igbo’s are comfortable with omo-Ibo (Igbo man) called them by the Yorubas and the Yamiri (Give me water) called them by the Hausa people, so what is bad about ofe-nmanu which is truth about the Yoruba people?
    Let Igbo be.

  2. Your names says it all. Out of your tribalism you failed to realize that Yorubas consist of different sub-ethnic(if I can used that word) groups, hence have different soups and type of cooking. U also failed to say the truth that it’s a stereotype…just like you guys believe amala and gbegiri and ewedu is everywhere in Yoruba land. Continue to wallow in ur ignorance.

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