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How To Start Importing Goods From China To Nigeria: Guide To Starting Profitable Importation Business

how to start importing goods china nigeria 2018

How To Start Importing Goods From China To Nigeria: Guide To Starting Profitable Importation Business

Guides To Ordering Goods From China To Nigeria Without Getting Duped

Are you passionate about importing directly from China? Maybe you don’t know how to go about this at all, right? Do you think you will have to always travel to China before you can import from China? Not at all! Gone were the days when you would have to get a travel ticket and visa first before you could import from China.

Things have become so easy once you can get a personal computer with an internet facility. All you need is a desktop or laptop computer with a powerful internet modem. This will help you connect strongly to internet whenever you want to order items through the appropriate platforms.

We have platforms like Alibaba, Ali Express, and others through which you can place all of your orders and get them delivered to your doorsteps once you’ve made payment properly.

Of course, there are ways in which you can get your orders delivered without even paying for shipping at all. It has come to that level now for those who have the exposure. Importing from China has become easier than ever so far you can get sensitized properly before starting.

Here are the major steps you’re expected to follow while planning to start importing items from China:

  1. Sign up an account at Alibaba
  2. Place all your orders whenever you want to import products from China
  3. Specify the type of products you want while ordering to ensure that the right products are delivered to you
  4. Return all items which are not as specified as you gave while ordering
  5. Ask for a refund or get the right items delivered instead
  6. Focus on the hot selling products only
  7. Sell at a profit and re-invest a large part of the sales proceeds to boost up on time

Sign Up an Account at Alibaba

Alibaba is still the most popular ordering platform whereby most Nigerians import certain products such as cosmetics, electronics, electric gadgets, kitchen utensils, farm implements, mobile devices, phone accessories, computers and computer accessories from China. All these valuables are got from China at a very cheap price, and this has made importing from China a highly-profitable business.

Many people got a great exposure into this business in the early times and they’ve made thousands from the business so far. Some have even organized series of seminars and webinars at the various locations nationwide showing the way to financial freedom to Nigerians.

Are you ready to start importing items from China? Then you need to start with a minimum of #10000-#50000. This is a reasonable capital if you’re ordering items like phones and phone accessories. With a token sum of #10000, you can start importing phones and accessories from China and resell at a high profit here in Nigeria as most Nigerians are highly-desperate about the use of mobile phones.

Specify the Type of Products You Want While Ordering to Ensure the Right Products are Delivered to You

It is very important while placing orders to specify the exact type of items and quality you want lest you receive sub-quality products, or the wrong items are transferred to you eventually.

Though it is allowed to ask for a refund as the major mode of payment for placing orders is PayPal, PayPal gives some rights to buyers to open a dispute whenever items delivered are not as described or are of lower quality to what is expected.

Thus, there is no cause for alarm when it comes to ordering or importing from China as you have certain rights as a buyer to ask for a refund whenever you don’t get the right items delivered to you.

Return all Items Which are not as Specified as You Gave While Ordering

In case you don’t receive what you expected from China, you may return those items and ask for a refund. Alternatively, you may ask for a change of items.

Without spending a dime on shipping at all, you can get ordered items delivered to your doorsteps and have items become available to potential buyers.

You place orders online through the appropriate platforms, receive orders through the courier delivery services, and return all unwanted items through the same online platform.

Ask for a Refund if the rejected items are not sent to you on time. Once you open a dispute at PayPal, you’ll get refunded in few days.

Focus on the Hot Selling Products Only

What are hot selling products in Nigeria? You need to find out what products sell faster in Nigerian markets. Most importantly, if you’re considering what sells most in markets, you may be thinking of mobile devices such as android phones, tablets, iPads, Blackberry phones, UK-used phones, and other Chinese phones.

Nigerians are generally known as phone lovers. Most Nigerians can afford to buy and maintain expensive phones at the expensive of food, health, education and other more vital things of life. Because of this, you’ll sell a lot if you can embark on importing mobile phones as they are hot selling products in Nigeria.

Women love cosmetics so much and they can’t do without them. So, this is another pointer to what you can be importing from China. One thing you need to know about importing items from China is that you get what you pay for in terms of quality, quantity and others.

Other items that sell in Nigeria are items like phone accessories, computers and computer accessories. These are the hot selling products you can be importing from China. You’ll quickly order items, sell fast to the potential buyers, and order more to extend your business.

Sell at a Profit and Re-Invest a Large Part of the Sales Proceeds to Boost Up on Time

If you really want to step up fast in the business of importing valuable items from China, buying and selling, then don’t hesitate to sell at a high profit here in Nigeria as you know your price will still be less than that of those who order from Lagos or from Cotonou.

By re-investing a good part of the sales proceeds on the business of importing products from China, you’ll discover that your business will skyrocket with time. You’ll succeed in boosting up on time. And one good thing about dealing in business with these Chinese people is that they don’t cheat at all. They give to you exactly what you pay for.

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