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Illuminati In Rihanna: A Member Of The Illuminati?

rihanna in illuminati

Updated Jan 20, 2013 – Illuminati In Rihanna: A Member Of The Illuminati?

Rihanna has made it crystal clear about her involvement with the group because she has openly thrown their symbols several times. In fact, she openly confirms her membership of the group by the way she carries herself in her performances. In her S & M video, Rihanna would not be ashamed to have “Princess of Illuminati” flashed behind her on the stage, except she thinks she is not part of them.

If you have heard of the Illuminati, the New World Order, chances are high that you would have also come across some of the Freemasons secrets. In the beginning, the Freemasons started out as a fraternity, nothing more than the big boys’ club. Today, however, it has grown very powerful and it’s behind the doors of many secret societies that dictate and decide many important economic and political issues in the world over.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Rihanna’s video , which portrays all sorts of fetish scenes of sadomasochism, in addition to many uncensored, overtly sexual images, has so far been banned in 11 countries. Sex has now become a powerful tool in seducing millions into committing sins. Artists continue to poison people’s minds with sexual images and songs that promote this evil. This is a big task and it depicts a high level of features seen in most illuminati artists who rise up to put an end to all that morality values displayed by a moral society.

You will notice that there are so many versions of the conspiracy theory to link Rihanna with the Illuminati. In fact, it is all about Rihanna in illuminati. Each version claims to be very accurate. In all of the versions, one thing is common—evidence that appears to be very logical and understandable. For example, the Great Seal used as a symbol of the illuminati, the all-seeing eye, was actually designed by members of the design committee who are hell-bent on propagating Satanism. In addition, it was this same Eye of Providence, another name for the all-seeing eye, that you see in most Rihanna videos, which illuminati values as one of its priceless symbols. Conspiracy theorists believe that pyramid is also part of illuminati symbols, and this is usually found in her videos.

It is difficult to deny the involvement of many important historical, political and other such influential figures in Freemasonry with this secret society—especially celebs and artists who have been found particularly instrumental in the hands of Illuminati for the propagation of their message. The suspicions are just too much to be ignored for Beyonce Illuminati, Jay z Illuminati,Chris brown Illuminati and a host of other artists who have sold their souls to the devil for fame and wealth.

This is definitely one of the huge suspicions which lend credence to the thought that the Freemason is much more than just the big boys club as it’s wrongly tagged in the past. Surely, their main goal is a lot more than political, even though that is one of the strongest areas upon which their goal becomes clear. From history, it’s obvious that the Freemasons left their mark on a number of important areas.

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