For Better For Worse Lol

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Oct 4, 2012 – For Better For Worse Lol

23 thoughts on “For Better For Worse Lol

  1. Omai goodness first lady 4 dat matter.wt a shame 2 d first lady of nigeria.. Cafitication! Oyinbgo! Laffu wan make me gv bokoharam ur address oo..

  2. Dunno y we all gettin dis wrong”English language”is not her father tongue now,she can make mistakes.Normally she ought to be speaking in her mother tongue n an interpreter beside to translate.

  3. I am, and I don’t think I will be suprised. it began long before now. ihe di n’obara n’enye nsogbu ipu. she has been doing it before, but i pray she changes, it is a disgrace to Nigeria

  4. Some ppl think negatively instead of positively,y ,bicos they are irrationational n lack a sense of feasibility come to think about dat ,English to nigerian is a borrowed language,some other developed nations dont av English as a major but speak in there natives n seek an interpreter n message is aired to d world. So our mumy did no wrong,next time mumy,speak in ur native Ijaw,pigin n seek an an interpreter,there is no problem atall.

  5. u guys should stop makin gest of our GOD GIVEN MUMMY…………….MUMMY………….frm d depth of our HEART,WE LUV U MA…………..

  6. God has ordain her 2 b d no 1 lady of ur noble country 9ija and if God want to ordain he will not ,make use of cetifite or ur level of gramar mummy we love u

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