Church Of Satan Members: Famous Nigerians In Devil’s Church

charly boy church of satan member

Updated January, 2013 – Church Of Satan Members: Famous Nigerians Who Are Devil’s Church Members

Church of Devil popularly called church of Satan is a secret sect that contains people who pledge their allegiance to Lucifer.

These are famous and not-so famous people who have made up their mind to ignore their creator and serve Satan all the days of their life.

church of satan members nigeriaFormer Church of Satan member

While joining the church of Satan has a lot of temporary advantages like quick wealth and stuff, the worst consequence of joining the church of satan is that a person who vowed to join will sell his or her soul to the devil and eternal damnation awaits such individual.

As we Christians vow to worship our Creator, through the Lord Jesus Christ these individuals on the other hand have vowed to worship Lucifer that fallen angel who is currently in control of this world through satanism.

Without much ado, don’t be fooled if a whole lot of sites are revealing names of individual members of church of satan. Unlike Illuminati which is more exclusive to the music industry, church of satan is a secret society and there is no way we can know people in this sect.

Don’t be surprised if your next door neighbour is a church of satan member.

There is no way to know except God reveals it to you or through confessions of former church of Satan member.

That being said the ALLEGED church of satan memberS in Nigeria are:

  • Charlie Boy: Do you see him carrying skull and stuffs, he is not ashamed of his cult. Yes he is rich because of his allegiance to Satan. I just pity young Nigerians going in his footstepscharly boy church of satan member
  • Denrele Edun: Do you guys see how this guy used to be before he allegedly started following Charlie Boy who eventually initiated him? Now he is all out. Just take a look at him now
  • denrele edun church of satan
  • Dbanj
  • P-Square
  • TB Joshua and many others

Read the following confessions:

Confession of a former Church of Satan member
Confession of Santeria Secret cult member

69 thoughts on “Church Of Satan Members: Famous Nigerians In Devil’s Church

  1. There are two ways, Narrow and straigh the better you know? with this modern world where does riches lead us to.
    Be wise pauverty has no goal or condemnation.

    • my dear der is notin like wat poverty does to human being if only you dont you want hold your seelf and respect your God and serve him,though you are poor you be more richer than the rich without God

  2. i dont know but they all wish to get rich by all means but that not the way to make it only god knows the way ones god says know you are going no where so have that in mind and be wise about tomorrow life wisdom

  3. Colossians 2 V 8 says,Don’t let anyone lead you astray with empty philosophy and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the evil powers of this world,and not from christ.Anyone who is willing to hear should listen and understand(Revlation 2:7). Read Matthew 13:37-43.Be wise….

    • For the love of money is the root of all evil. The riches, fame, power, glory, honour, respect etc of this world is just fora while. For what profit a man to gain the whole world and then lose your soul. He that loves the riches and things of this world is of the devil, the devil is an enemy of GOD, and so the bible says “every friend of the devil is an enemy with GOD” You being a friend of the devil makes you an enemy with GOD. Repent from your sins….and accept Jesus today.. YOU CAN STILL BE SAVED.

  4. I wish to join the church b4 but now my back to my lord JESUS.You people word change my life.,thank!!!.

  5. My aim to join the church is not bcos of money or name,power., d aim is to confirm about the church.

  6. I know may pepole will say that b/c of money many will sell there soul look it for the order side some pepole need the money many pepole are intemdat just b/c of money some men take your wife b/c they have money so I WON’T TO JOIN THE CHURCH TO MAKE MONEY AND HAVE POWER HERE IS NUMBER 08169672337 CALL ME HELP ME

  7. I would rather remaind poor in my life dan sellin my soul to d devil,wat wll it proft me 2gain here n looze herafter God forbi it.

  8. I would rather remaind poor in my life dan sellin my soul to d devil,wat wll it proft me 2gain here n looze herafter God forbi it Ameen suma ameen

  9. I like have be very rich, fame, & also power, but not by selling my soul to the devil in Exchange for money, because one thing I always ask God, for is that father pls I want to be with you, if having the whole money on this earth, and also having every thing I ever want in life will make me not to enter the kingdom of God, than to “hell” with everything, because went I was born money was exciting and even if I die today or tomorrow money will still be exciting, so why should I sell my soul to the devil because of ordinary paper with colours on it, or even kill because of it, no I can’t and that is the last thing I will ever do in my life,

  10. for a living soul to give all his or her life to satan this is unfear does people did nt remember there creator bt i want to tell dis people dat one day they will surly give account of hw day live there life…………what a pity

  11. in fact, don’t know even what to say but pity my friends who are saying that they want to join the church of Satan, in fact I don’t know where the world has reached now? to the of people saying it openly that they want to join Satan, in fact people bather a lot about their earthly life[body desires]riches, fame etc. forgetting who they will be after when their precious bodies perish,iwish to stop here but ihave a lot to tell those people.

  12. Yes it is of a truth that money answeret all things and as a result you cannot do anything outside that, was the major reason certain individuals tends to acquire such through that means, I do not lay any blame on anybody in that they know where it pinches them. The only important thing is that you are not intimidated at any level. Again we should also note that one`s richness is another`s poverty, so ensure that you are focus.

  13. If you refuse to deal with the reality today, reality will deal with you in the future. Listen my people..lets face the reality. Heaven and hell is real, satan and God is real. No matter how powerful satan claim to be, he`s a common creature of God.

  14. Let me tell you, God knows his seed and he can not let his own seed to beg for bread it will be a disgrace to him. Poverty is a curse and not good to be experienced at all in life. In other words look for away to escape poverty bcos its dangerous than Ebola. If you catch Ebola, you will die respectfully than being alive begging like a sick person.
    If there is away to say prayer and get money, i am ready.

  15. I am ready to do on do just to become a member. if u want to help me this is my number 09020992378.


  17. GOD Ur Lord In Whom U emanated, adviced and also gave u a constitution In Whom We Av A Qualificational Access To His Kingdom After All In Planet Earth(Wherefore Be Ye Not Unwise,but Understanding What The Will Of The Lord Is)I Think If U Are Knowledgeable Of This Article/Clause, U Wouldn’t Av Go Against The Will Of The Lord Ur Creator.Whom Also Gave Is Own A Double Assurance(And He That Overcometh,And Keepeth My Works Unto The End,To Him Will I Give Power Over D Nations)(For We Know That If Our Earthly House Of This Tabernacle We Dissolved,For We Av A Building Of God,An House Not Made With Hands,Eternal In The Heavens)&And For We Must All Appear Before D Judgement Seat Of Christ;That Everyone May Receive The Things Done In His Body According To That He Hath Done,Whether It Be Good/[email protected] D Dust Shall Return To D Earth As It Was,And D Spirit Shall Return Unto God Who Gave [email protected] God Now And Save Your Dear Soul.Salvation Is Real.

  18. it lack of knowledge dat makes people to suffer…some people who don’t have an idea about God are ones dat say wrong tins abt him…God who is d creator of heaven and earth has d power to give u evrytin u need at his own time…but only if u obey his commandment and have faith…

  19. trust in God and obey his commandment..he will perfect ur life…God in his word loves us so much…I hold on to God wit evry In me….God ur Good..

  20. i love to be reach cos without money u are like a walking dead but i believe my God is a great provider he always come at the right time if u need is number please (1) dial, Jehovah (2) airtel Jesus
    only for those who have ear i love my Jesus even if i don’t go to church i have faith in him pls dont be decisive by setan

  21. one thing i do believe is we need to take our time to observe the church we attend cos we may be mislead by pastors of nowadays going to church 265day a year does,t make you a christian i do believe even on the last day a peggan will inherit the kingdom of God cos most of us are just going to church for fun

  22. I don’t think it’s a good idea to join the church of Satan, what will it profits a man to gain the own world and loses his soul,my brothers and sister’s, my soul is precious to me and my lord Jesus Christ

    • I don’t Know whether there’s Heaven Or Hellfire.All i know is get rich or die trying.I must get my money anywhere!.If is possible for me to sell my soul too BAPHOMET,for exchange for Money,I will not ezitate to do it.

  23. Vanity upon vanity, everything is vanity the human body after dead.
    3. Days after death, finger nails begin to fall!
    4. Days after death, hairs breaks out of the skull and all body hairs fall!
    5. Days after death, the brain starts to sag, the flesh fades, the buttock, breast, penis vagina, will decay (those things that normally drivers u into Sin, hmmmm)
    6. Days after death, the skin begins to noircir and gradually detach from the bones:
    7. Days after death, the belly melts and radiates a strong odour beginning with a gaping mouth and a genital organ appealing the marauders:
    60 days after dead, the whole human body is reduced to nothing bones:
    So therefore.
    Why too much pride?
    Why too much selfishness?
    Why too much hate?
    Why too much Jealousy?

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