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How To Start A Piggery, Pig Farming Business In Nigeria, Africa & All Over The World

how to start a pig farming business in nigeria

We are in a country blessed with rich resources and a climatic condition just suitable for farming. It is therefore no surprise that the agriculture is a norm in this setting. In a country where Agriculture is the norm, a startup farmer may find it difficult to compete with established large-scale businesses. What sets a farmer apart is the efficiency, quality and quantity of their products; and that is something they need to get right, from the very beginning.

Pig farming is not just some form of Agricultural business, but an art of its own. In recent times, it has proven to be one of the most lucrative businesses, having an edge over others because of the speedy rate of growth, and multiple births of the animals. When you desire the wonderful results of pig farming, it is essential that you consider the steps to be taken to have your own pig production on a higher pedestal.

While considering starting a pig farm, don’t be discouraged if you do not have enough capital to start on a large scale. Many times, ‘not having enough’ seems like a setback, but that should not be. It has never been about how large, but how well.

Things You Need To Start A Pig Farming Business

Breeding Ground To Breed The Pigs

One of the basic things needed for starting a pig farm is securing a proper breeding ground. Note that it should be a proper breeding ground. You may have a breeding ground which is not proper. The ground must be put in place before the purchase of the pigs, and should be made ready for use as well. You need not have the capital to buy a lot of acres of land as even a plot of land is just fine. Expansion can be carried out later. The size of land purchased depends on the number of pigs to be acquired. There is not a standard number of pigs for a breeding ground, but ensure that the land is spacious enough to accommodate the pigs. This is because growing in a stuffed environment is not only environmentally hazardous, it could be injurious to the pigs, owners as well as the consumers.

Acquisition of breeding space is very paramount in this business and accomplishing it is almost a job half done. It is not necessary that your farm is located in the urban area; you can have it the rural side. I would even suggest a location in the rural are because the natural setting is like letting pigs roam in their natural habitat. A lot of farmers prefer the urban areas because it is closer to the market and transportation is easier. A rural area is sufficient enough if you have quality goods and services because customers will always seek out the best, no matter the distance.

The pigs do not have to be locked up every time. You can keep them in an open pasture which must be properly secured, and where you feel a need, they can be locked up in pens by the end of the day. It is important to have the right accommodation for the pigs if you want to reach the maximum growth rate which in turn means maximum profits for you.

Make Your Land Accommodating For The Pigs

After securing the land, it is important that the land is made accommodating for the pigs to occupy. This is important for the health of the pigs, the farmer, and consumers. The land must be checked for diseases and infections of any form. Adequate pens must be put in place to avoid injury to the pigs. Also, in a disease break put, the situation would be better handled unlike when they are not secured properly. If the pigs are not secured properly there may be cases of wandering off or even theft.

Pigs are thought to be dirty creatures, though researchers have proven that they are like that: just being cool. A lot of farmers consistently make the mistake of allowing the pens to run dirty. The pens need to be kept clean in order to keep the pigs healthy and free from diseases. Knowing that they need water to keep cool, provisions should be made, and adequate steps taken to aid drainage. Proper housing should be created for them because inappropriate housing with low quality materials could easily fall apart, and they are injurious to the health.

A lot of sellers in a bid to make more money at the expense of others tend to sell unhealthy piglets to starting farmers. When purchasing piglets, it is important to have them properly quarantined and vaccinated and also checked by the veterinary doctor before they are purchased. Even after their purchase care must be taken to have them properly checked consistently and frequently. This would curb diseases and infections in your pen so you don’t experience business losses.

Adequate Workers Needed For Your Pig Farm

Having adequate workers is also an important step to be taken. Thinking you are enough to start and manage a pig farm is a fallacy. Not only would you be wearing yourself out but also, you may not be able to be cater for the pigs adequately. Therefore, under no circumstance to cut cost should you intentionally employ less workers than needed. Presence of enough workers allows for adequate maintenance of the pigs.

Pigs have a large range of things they can consume, and so usually, they can eat anything we provide them. This is not a window for you to feed them with improper or unbalanced diet just so you can cut costs. It is very important that like human beings, they get adequate diet consistently. They should not be allowed to starve but rather, feeding should be done as recommended by the veterinary doctor employed.

Starting out a pig farm is actually an easy task but if not followed appropriately could lead to great loss for the farmer. Pigs needed to be kept in the right environment with the right medical care and adequate diet. If this is done, it would turn out to be very lucrative and successful in the long run.




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