When Are Men Most Sexually Active ?

A frequent visitor to Naijan.com just sent us an email to get your opinions on when men usually get to the peak of their sexual desires.

I am not an expert in this field but I will say early in the morning

If you have a different opinion please share it by commenting below.

What about women?

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4 thoughts on “When Are Men Most Sexually Active ?

  1. About men sexual.it a treasur men can.not be without sex as women also do it make them enjoyeble of being complete with there life styles am a guy but i like it it great in me that why i call it preasur

  2. men are sexually active depending on the activness of their labido! Time does not matter but some men can be active during the raining season due to closing of their sport found outside the layer of the skin. This may drive them to perform better. But with the help of gingsng royal jelly both men and women can perform well anytime of the day; contact us on 08063000001

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