Who Is The Richest Man In Nigeria 2012

richest man in africa aliko dangote

July 3rd, 2012 – Welcome to NaijaGists.com, the richest man in Nigeria 2012 is still business man Aliko Dangote.

He has been named by Forbes magazine as the richest man in Africa.

He is the owner of Dangote group of companies.

He’s got no formal education. His father left him in the business since his early childhood

Aliko Dangote’s networth as at 2012 is $11.2 Billion

He has worked hard and has put a lot of Nigerian youths back to work.

He is into Sugar production, Salt production & Cement production.

He export produce to major countries in Africa and has been featured in Forbes Magazine.

It takes vision to go this far.

9 thoughts on “Who Is The Richest Man In Nigeria 2012

  1. Aliko dangote is the only mentaining the economic of Nigeria nt even the govenment plz lord keep him safe Nigerians

  2. If u are rich & u don’t spend it wisely den u are not rich in d sight of God but rather in d sight of men.

  3. i know Aliko Dangote via news,and d names of his companies.he has come from a long way so far.I pray that may god open his d more to see d hiden treasures in nigeria .AMEN

  4. Aliko start from some where before he becomes some body that we are talking about today, please don't foad your hands an expect something Good to come easy try an start from some where if you want to be like him.

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