5000 Naira Nigerian Currency Note Will Insult Tafawa Balewa, Murtala, Ikoku

5000 naira note nigerian bill

August 27, 2012 – 5000 Naira Nigerian Currency Note Will Insult Tafawa Balewa, Murtala, Ikoku

The introduction of the new 5000 Naira Nigerian currency note is a slap on the face of the late Tafawa Balewa, Murtala Muhammed and Alvan Ikoku whose portraits are on the N5000 note – claims a senator from Zamfara. naijagists.com

Senator Kabiru Marafa said he’ll move against CBN plan to introduce the new currency and will see the N5, N10 and N20 naira notes changed into coins.

Here is what Marafa said while addressing journalists yesterday.

“If you want to honour the women, they don’t have to be known women, you could put five of them–one Hausa, one Yoruba, one Ibo, one woman from the southern minority and another one from the northern minority. I don’t subscribe to the idea of relegating Balewa, Ikoku and Mohammed. It will amount to throwing merit into the dust.”

Do you agree with him?

21 thoughts on “5000 Naira Nigerian Currency Note Will Insult Tafawa Balewa, Murtala, Ikoku

  1. Sir what you said was right,” having just only two women on that currency puts a soar taste to ones mind, so is better the go ahead and complete the two or i’ll help them do it…

    • THE NEW 5000 NAIRA CAN NOT move Nigeria TO BETTER position so I will give my adverse to Nigeria government to forget the new currency and give good work to Nigeria.

      I must say this. I know that the rising why they want to made the 5000 naira, they want to make it because it will give them help to scam us.

  2. I agree with sir marafa but my own is yoruba,hausa & igbo the only tribe in nigeria?and are they the only tribes that has prominent men and women,,when will this menace called tribalism stop???

  3. i agree with him pls. what is the essence of creating N5000 when others are going to be affected. is the system to embelsu of our money thanks.

  4. I dont kwow why evry Nig policies makers are’nt put d poor masses in mind.changing 5naira, 10naira n 20naira notes to coins wil surely cause more hardship to people then things we’ re buying with those naira wil be no more.introducing 5000naira note isnt a problem.we should leave those notes like dat.

  5. I think Nig.as a nation is beyond any leaders or heros dat had led us into dis predicament in d country today.if those leaders had led us wel i dont think Nig. wil like dis today .the content of tribalism stil in our system.tel me if we draw goat in our curencies dont we goin to accept it.so 4get about insult or slap to anybody thats tribalism.

  6. Nigeria 2day z nt abt d new note dy want 2 provides, bt 2 gv nigeria d battery plane…..so putn dz in mind in making new note z nt riet at al

  7. my na me ikown say that u no do 5,000 naira note but i dey say that please firstly make nigeria better before u do this

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