Foluke Daramola’s New Husband To Be Reveals God Told Him To Marry Her

foluke daramola and kayode salako

Sept 24, 2012 – Foluke Daramola’s New Husband To Be Reveals God Told Him To Marry Her

According to the latest message from Nollywood actress Foluke Daramola‘s husband to be, Mr Olukayode Salako, he said God told him to marry her.

Here is a message from him:

Somethings that happen in this life are most times beyond human control. What is happening in Foluke’s and Mr. Salako’s lives now is beyond their own control. This is all about God and destiny. There is no way the world can understand. No amount of what reason we can offer can be so tenable, but the fact is that life is a mystery. And what is happening to us now is a mystery in every regard. It is only people who are in spirit that can understand. Most people cannot understand,unless they seek to know through God.

God still speaks to His own people. God has spoken to us about it and that is why we are more than convinced that we are on the right course. We have no regret and can never be. I am more convinced that Foluke Daramola is the woman of my destiny. And nothing can change the will of God in our lives. We will keep on obeying the wish of God on our lives until time and grace can be able to proof it to the world. We are both responsible people that are old enough to know wen we are doing things right or wrong. Nobody can really know it as deeply as we already know. Foluke Daramola did not break my marriage or use any diabolic means to attract my passion. This is divinely inclined. Foluke has been in the movie industry for 18 years without a scandal of snatching anybody’s husband or breaking any woman’s home. This is the first time this is happening to her.

And it is only the price she has to pay to discover the man of her destiny. I am Foluke Daramola’s divine husband. But how will this acutely and stupidly religious world understand now? The world can never understand! But time and grace will tell! Above all, people who have been talking, castigating and criticising are people who do not know anything about me or anything about it. People who know are not talking, rather they are thanking God on my behalf and congratulating me for setting me free from 13 years of marital bondage, confusion, frustration and regrets -Olukayode Salako

Na wa o this man don fall patapata.

He is fully submerged in deep ocean of love. Who will help him now.

Love Nwantinti

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  1. Infact i really love her so much, i jst knw that if its God’s will nothing will break that marriage. GOD bless

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