List Of Banks In Nigeria: Their Websites & Managing Director


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Oct 21st, 2012 – List Of Banks In Nigeria: Their Websites & Managing Director

The Central Bank of Nigeria is the main regulatory body overseeing the activities of all banks in Nigeria. There are many types of banks in Nigeria. These include the major commercial banks, the investment banks, the microfinance banks, and other related commercial outfits.
This article features a full list of banks in Nigeria, authentic and up-to-date.

In Nigeria today, there are mainly 3 different types of bank namely;

Commercial Banks In Nigeria

Government-owned banks in Nigeria

Private Banks / Microfinance Banks In Nigeria

Commercial banking is the most popular form of banking in Nigeria today while small business gets funding help from the government via government-owned banking institutions.

Additionally, Microfinance banks are in-house banking institution that are organization related which can offer loans to their staffs or students.

See the full list of Commercial Banks in Nigeria and their websites.

See Government-owned banks in Nigeria & Microfinance Banks In Nigeria

To get the current Managing director of any of the bank, click on their website and see about us information.