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Learn From Your Mistakes & Move On: Its Ok To Make Mistakes As Long As You Learn From Them

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Learn From Your Mistakes & Move On: Its Ok To Make Mistakes As Long As You Learn From Them


Mistakes are a sure part of life; you are bound to make them sooner or later. We are after all only human and were not created to be perfect all round. Our imperfections show up in the mistakes we make. But what makes us better is the ability to learn from our past experiences.

Mistakes are going to occur sometimes no matter how careful you are or claim to be. But learning to rise up and move forward is what makes you a better and stronger individual.

We have all made countless mistakes in the past and will definitely make more in the future.  However, certain mistakes stand out more than others. Yeah, there’s that one or maybe even more than one which you constantly blame and sometimes even punish yourself for.

The one you have played back in your mind just about a thousand times and wished you had done things a little differently. If you had the opportunity to go back in time to fix it, you would gladly do so.

Your mind keeps bringing up questions like; what was i thinking, how could I be so foolish. Why didn’t I speak up when I had the chance or why didn’t I just keep my mouth shut, why didn’t I leave a little early or much later, why didn’t  I listen to that voice that told me not to take that action. But the truth is no matter how many times you beat yourself up about it, it’s never going to change the fact that the mistake has already been made.

Your best option is to acknowledge your mistake and try as much as possible to fix it, if it can be fixed. If you have hurt someone, apologize. It doesn’t automatically fix the relationship, but it’s a step in the right direction. If someone has hurt you let them know or let it go. There is no sense in holding a grudge.

However, if it turns out that you have put in your best but still can’t fix your mistake, then forgive. Forgive the people you blame. Forgive yourself and move past it. Stop punishing yourself and others for past mistakes.

That’s easier said than done, true! But it’s possible. If you don’t forgive and let go of the blame and hurt, you end up poisoning yourself without meaning to. You might be unconsciously setting the stage for a much bigger mistake. It doesn’t matter how terrible you think your mistakes are, with time you can forgive yourself. It doesn’t matter how unrepentant the people you blame for certain mistakes are, with time you can forgive them too. It will not be easy but it is possible. Start by thinking good thoughts towards them instead of bad ones. Yes! Good thoughts.

Then you can learn. When you forgive yourself and others, it becomes much easier to clearly look upon these mistakes. Then you get to see what really went wrong. You can try to understand where you made the wrong turn. You see, there’s always something to learn from your past mistakes no matter how little or insignificant this lesson may seem, it could eventually come in handy.

You’re so much more than your mistakes don’t let them limit or define you. We are humans; it’s okay to makes mistakes. It’s okay to learn from our mistakes and rise above them.

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