Desmond Elliot Is Dead – Actor Killed In A Lekki Lagos Hotel – Rumour

desmond elliot deadScene from a movie

Sept 15, 2012 – Desmond Elliot Is Dead – Actor Killed In A Lekki Lagos Hotel – Rumour

You might have come across a rumour stating that Nigerian actor Desmond elliot is dead or Desmond Elliot murdered in a hotel, you need to debunk it.

This rumour stems from bad gossips who in an effort to get popularity for their movie pronounced the actor dead. can authoritatively confirm that Desmond Elliot is not dead.

The photo that is circulating round is a scene from a movie titled Reflection.

Infact, the actor was at another Nollywood actress’ birthday party yesterday. Click here to see his picture

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49 thoughts on “Desmond Elliot Is Dead – Actor Killed In A Lekki Lagos Hotel – Rumour

  1. Remember that every WORD that proceeds from the mouth of a man is more than powerful. Lets be mindful of this type of JOKES called RUMOUR

  2. Rumor with people who did not think well before they speak out for their mouth Desmond Elliot you will continue alive long life and prosperity to him family… Bad people stop carrying rumours with innocent who did not death

  3. Lord i gv u al d glory dt it ws a rumour. God! Dt guy s my most admired actor. D persn dt startd ds nonsense shuld ne’er try ds again! God bles nd enlarge u Desmond.

  4. una no get work y be say na person death be una business stop saying nagative tines abt wat u do nt no elliot is very much alive okay fools

  5. What kind of stupid rumour is this! Nigerians should desist from stupid jokes like this. Human life is precious. Desmond Elliot, I cover your life with the Blood of Jesus Christ. I cancel rumour of death over your life. In Jesus name. Amen.

  6. NIgeria people of bad luck wishers. why cant you people look for work to do? Jesus is must that any actors or artise that reach their time to shine must die? Started from chika okpara,paul nwokeoca,obasanjo,nkem owoh,chinda,mama g,genevive,lisbenson,etc one day go say i don get belly i delivered 30 twins

  7. Desmond Elliot does who want make you dead na dem go first you will live long ”””” honorable…….

  8. my heart almost fell me immidietly when i say the picture untill i got to read thet full details,but i wonder who is joking with that kind of stuff,bet very carefull!!!!

  9. Well, I advise rumour carriers to be mindful of whatever rumour they carry… They don’t have to claim he’s dead in an effort to get popularity for their movie… All hecks of rubbish!.. Long live my Fan Elliot!!

  10. I think the license those websites that convey such a wicked and serious fallacy shud be withdrawn i swear ah! na wa o

  11. Great Nigerians when are we going to stop thinking evils about ourselves, I cover this nation with the blood of Jesus Christ, we shall not die but live for Christ.

  12. my great man my hero and my lion nothing bad of such evil thing will happen to you vividly speaking my prayer for you to last more longer in years and fulfillment of life in Jesus named Amen please if love him as i do please just type AMEN

  13. when I read the headline of the rumour I was some how doubting it. but when I read the detail I discovered it was a rumour. pls every should be careful the way he/she blows out fictitious rumour. when i read it at first, I almost had a heart attack. pls o o o o be careful o o o!

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