Man Confused After Discovering His Girlfriend Is An Aluu Indigene

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Oct 16, 2012 – Man Confused After Discovering His Girlfriend Is An Aluu Indigene

Am 32 years old dating a girl of 27years. I have been following this blog for a while now and am encouraged with some of the advices given here.Am sure you are all aware of the recent killings of the four students of UNIPORT in Aluu community. Am a native of Imo state.

All this while,i never gave it a thought to know my woman`s village in Port-harcourt, but the recent killings of the student made me to be curious to know her particular village in Port-harcourt.She tried to cover the issue,but I insisted on knowing and she said it`s Aluu comunity.

It really came to me as a shock,this is because,this same girl have threatened me with a knife few months back when we had a minor argument.

Please my people your advice is greatly needed as am so confused at the moment.

30 thoughts on “Man Confused After Discovering His Girlfriend Is An Aluu Indigene

  1. I wonder why people are becoming so violent this days, my brother run for your dear life before you get lynnched.

  2. Please, run for your dear life. The fact that she has threatened you with a knife before should serve as a warning of what she’s really capable of doing to you the day you step on her toes.

  3. There is nothing to be worried about. Study her and you will understand her. NOT EVERY ONE FROM ALUU IS A KILLER.

    • are u sure u are not from ALUU? what do u mean there is nothing to be worried about? he should study her after she kills him abi. if na ur brother na wetin u go tell am be that?

  4. Dis life has no duplicate I wonder y a young girl will threaten a guy with knife-edge pls run for ur life woman need to be sub missive any where they find themselves.

  5. Guy run away 4 ur dear life, if not she and her parents wil plan n kill u! Run away 4 their is no time 2 wast!

  6. Hey u better run oh! 4 her to hav threatend u wit a knif,means she is a devilish girl.Wit d inhuman act of her village Aluu,u should lay her off ur lif,so dat ur generation wil not sufer wat dey knew notin about.A great curse has bin pronounced agains every soul in Aluu so if u continue wit her,d blood in her vein wil ruined ur destiny

  7. If nt d case dat she has threatened u wit a knife,i would hv said u should give her a chance bt dat act shows she is capable of anytin so pls tread carefully,if possible disapear so she can never see u again cos she can do somtin bad 2 u if u breakup wit her

  8. Oh I thought nigeria is one nation with one people?
    If you want you fellow country man to run away from a fellow country women cos where she comes from, what would you say if I (Ghanaian living in Ghana) oneday decides to marry a nigerian?

  9. hi friends if your to go is not going to be because of were she come, it does not martter but she treating you with a knife am marvel, she is up to some thing, becareful

  10. Bros, you don enter! Where will you run to? There is much to this than what you see and hear. Just pray that God should make her to reject you. For you to run, I mean you are only wasting your time and energy. THIS IS BIG TROUBLE!

  11. Bros abeg do smtin dat wl make her hate u 4eva anybody wey tel u 2 gv her tym hate u nwannem biko gbafuo they ar evil ppl ogwusigo

  12. Treat evry soul as an individual. She’s bad? Den not bcs of Aluu. She’s good? Not bcs she’s frm heaven.

  13. my brother i would have said go on with the girl but for har threaten ing u with knife dont judge by her community more so aluu is made up of nine communities for the past five years i have been dealing with them i dont have course to feel the way u are feeling about them

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