2face Idibia Urges Nigerian Youths To See Him As A Role Model

2face idibia nigerian youths

July 10, 2016 – 2Baba Urges Nigerian Youths To See Him As A Role Model

In a recent interview with CNBC Africa, the Afro pop legend claimed that many Nigerians who see him as role model have achieved success by following his way of life.

This is what the father of six said in the interview:

“I have heard people say that I have mentored them, I would like to say that I am just doing my own thing and I am trying to grow and if you see the positive ways that I am following, follow it. “I’m human, many things take place in people’s lives so I want them to follow my example.”

25 thoughts on “2face Idibia Urges Nigerian Youths To See Him As A Role Model

  1. You have voiced out your own opinion. I cannot copy the life style of a womanizer who sees himself a role model who has 6 children from six mothers, never.

    I take a stroll…

    • be mindful of how you reply to messages… recheck the post he said ‘the positive’ part of him


  3. @D HUNTER I concur with yours. A role model is someone that can be emulated in all ramifications. Perhaps he is looking at it in the area of his career sha, aside that,he is a bad example to the young generation when it comes to relationship.

  4. @D Hunter he never had six children from six women o….na only three women o.his house wife makes them three

  5. Well I admire your good heart and wonderful smile but thank you so much keep your lifestyle with yourself.

    Bible never said one man ten woman its says one man one woman.

    So tubaba keep it real.

  6. I agree with 2 Baba’s comment in his interview that if one observes something positive he has done, such may be emulated. Life is a constant struggle about attitudes and choices each person adopts or makes. Quite a significant number of people make some choices they are not proud of when they look back at those decisions and sometimes they need to rise above the attendant disapproval from the society.when faced with such situations it is comforting to know that some other person somewhere made such mistakes and succeeded in making something worthwhile of their lives after the experience and the person becomes a role model of sorts.
    Society can be so unforgiving in its judgments sometimes it could result in defiance of the judged rather than make him attempt to correct his error. Yes there is a lot one can learn from the life of this guy.

  7. What is good there @fife, one hit song(african queen) and the rest na just manage,
    2,Should i qualify his act about women as bigamy or casanova or over reacting libido to have make him turn himself as poligamist man and u want people like lil kesh ,skales,davido,etc to copy u? Haha tubaba stop there, abeg find another thing talk or join Nollywood, thats where they need your talent now

    • I agree with you completely! What moral justifications does he have to be called a role model? Because he sang ‘Africa Queen? We are really mixing things up in this country!!! He is one of the originators of the so called baby mamas , that is now the trend in the entertainment industry. How can a young man be impregnating ladies up and down? Having unprotected sex? Cheating on his wife? A role model is someone of integrity, who lives above board. They are very few to come by

  8. hmmm 2face u already a role model for many.So it’s left for people to see u as a role model,not u asking for it.it just simply sounds lame for someone of your status.

  9. Role model my foot. If sleeping with every woman that opens her legs is what being role model is all about, then we are doomed.

  10. If you think your role model is Mr. & Mrs. PERFECT then you sure don’t know them well. Theirs always something to filter through the basket. Filter the negative and according to him keep the positive or better still be your own role model.

  11. A role model indeed, as a school dropout and as a polygamist, save your role model to yourself,guys do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it, always be yourself and have faith in yourself, go sitdown mr roadmodel.

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