A Day In The Life Of A Naija Blogger Pt 2


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August 9, 2014 – A Day In The Life Of A Naija Blogger Pt 2

One year after our first article in this series, things have changed.

Blogging has become a routine and a hobby for me.

Join me as I expose my updated daily routine with you:

  1. Wake up, check emails, return calls, verify stories via email and over the phone
  2. Wait for replies and verifications before publishing.
  3. Approve comments, frown at silly comments, edit to avoid trouble. This takes minimum of one hour [YES O NA HARD-WORK]
  4. Remove tribally abusive words from comments to avoid tribal sentiment.  (Sometimes we miss it, pardon us or just report it in form of comment)
  5. Smile when someone makes a funny comment, Laugh Out Loud when it is super funny
  6. On a busy news day, grab a cup of coffee while waiting for news verification emails, dose off sometimes. [E NO EASY ABEG]
  7. Still dey for office, schedule articles to run the next day
  8. Edit and verify news reports from our reporters before publishing.
  9. Check the spam folder to see comments waiting for approval
  10. Approve more comments, YAWN, and head home.
  11. Sometimes I work all night to reduce workload in the day.
  12. Steps 1-10 continue the next day.

Over the years, my job as a blogger has become a routine, no complain, I love it.

Please keep the comments rolling, we love it, you make our days too.


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