A Forensic Analysis Of Patience Jonathan’s Speech On Missing Chibok Girls

patience jonathan speech missing chibok girls

May 8, 2014 – A Forensic Analysis Of Patience Jonathan’s Speech On Missing Chibok Girls

Nigeria’s First Lady, Patience Faka Jonathan, on Sunday 4th May, 2014 convened a meeting of stakeholders over the abduction of over two hundred female students of Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State. A video clip of the meeting in which she broke down in tears has since gone viral on the social media. In the 90 seconds clip, Mrs. Jonathan was heard lamenting and sobbing in the following words:

“Prinspal, do you come with two teachers? Ehn? You were not informed too?

Continue. No problem. God will see us.

There is God. There is God in everything we are doing.

Those bloods that are sharing in Borno will answer.

What of two teachers, WAYEC, two teach…, ehn two, ehn what of two teachers that can tell us that they conducted that exam?

Do you come with any?

Prinspal, no too?

You, only you waka come! Okay! Now the first lady is calling you: come I want to help you. Come to find ya par… ya child, ya missing child. Will you keep quiet?

Chei! Chei!! There is God o! There is God o!!

The bloods we are sharing, there is God o! There is God o!! There is God o!!!…..” Till fade.

The meeting was convened ostensibly as a contribution of her quota to the ongoing bring-back-our-girls campaign spreading round the country and beyond.

However, even as one is tempted to applaud the First Lady’s well choreographed empathy for the abducted students, a careful observation shows that her actions and statements manifest so many vexatious issues that need to be addressed, and call for a redefinition of the designation “First Lady” in the light of the Nigerian constitution – at least for those who do not know and for those who know but are simply over-inebriated with impunity.

To start with, there is no such thing as the office of the First Lady in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. And to that extent, the wife of the president – at best – is, as described by the literary icon, Professor Wole Soyinka, a mere domestic appendage of the president. In case you don’t get it, what that simply means is that morally and constitutionally, the First Lady is no more than the president’s wife. Therefore, one wonders under which powers she constituted a one-man panel of enquiry into a national issue, dishing out blames here and there, accusing people of blackmailing her husband. One wonders wherefrom she derives the constitutional authority to summon the wife of the Borno State Governor, Hajiya Nana Kashim Shettima, together with the wives of the governors of Abia, Akwa Ibom, Benue, Gombe, Kaduna, Katsina, Kogi, Nasarawa and Zamfara states, as well as other civil servants and public officers, including the Borno State commissioner of police, the commissioner of women affairs, the principal of Chibok Government secondary School, the Chairman of Chibok Local Government Area, the divisional police officer in the area, and security officers on duty when the girls were abducted, to a meeting of which attendance is mandatory.

Could anyone imagine a similar kidnap incident taking place in the United States of America and Michelle Obama summoning governors wives and public officers to a stakeholders meeting, whatsoever, on the issue? Americans would not take that. Neither the wife of the US president nor the wife of the British Prime Minister wields such powers. It is only in Nigeria that the First Lady sees herself, more or less, as the Vice President or Assistant President. But the fact is that if the president’s wife can assume such powers, then the president’s brother, the president’s sister, or even the president’s grandmother can constitute a panel of enquiry on any issue of their choice, and summon the state governors and their entire families (not only their wives) to appear before it.

Moreover, Mrs. Jonathan’s fury over the Borno State First Lady’s refusal to obey her summons shows that she sees the wives of the elected governors of the 36 states of the federation (and perhaps the wife of the FCT Minister) as her subordinates; wholly and dutifully answerable to her. I think it is important to remind her that the PDP presidential ticket at the last general elections carried the names of Goodluck Jonathan and Namadi Sambo. It wasn’t a Jonathan/Patience ticket. If Patience is as interested in power as Jonathan, she is free to fraternize with any political party of her choice (apologies to Chief Zebrudaya) and unseat her husband, come 2015.

Secondly, it is preposterous that Mrs. Jonathan, in a Kema Chikwe-like fashion, insinuated that the Chibok abduction story is only a hoax. This is coming in spite of the traumatized and agonized mothers who have been thronging the streets crying helplessly and calling on the government to live up to its expectations to ensure the safety of its own citizens, and the international attention the issue has received. It is coming in spite of the litany of promises by her husband that no effort will be spared to free the girls from captivity. And it is coming in spite of the bogus claim made a few days after the abduction, by the military mouthpiece, Maj. Gen. Christopher Olukolade, that all but eight of the abducted girls had been freed by the military commandos – a claim which turned out to be one of the many deceitful propagandas of the Nigerian military and has since been retracted.

Besides, the First Lady’s unfortunate insinuations that no examination was conducted in that school on that day, let alone students been abducted, means that her cry wasn’t in sympathy for the abducted girls and their bereaved relatives and friends (as she doesn’t believe the story in the first place and even called on the protesters to desist or have themselves to blame), but for the “insubordination” and “disregard” for her high office by the Borno State First Lady and others who failed to comply with her summons. Her cry was for the fact that this issue has further exposed the hollowness of the present government under the superintendence of her spouse, and the likely setback it may have on her spouse’s do-or-die 2015 presidential comeback bid, which is the only guarantee for her continued reign in “office” as the First Lady.

Finally, and even more disturbing, is Mrs. Jonathan’s effrontery to set aside and undermine the entire security agencies in the country – including the police, SSS and the military, and the panel recently inaugurated by her husband to search for the missing girls – to do a unilateral and parallel investigation into the issue. I am not certain whether she is doing this based on her rich experience garnered from the American FBI and the Israeli Mossad, because I do not know if she is a pensioner of those two security intelligence agencies. But what I can tell for sure is that her dabbling into the issue in a manner that is meant to whip-up sentiments for her husband, especially when considered against the backdrop of the fact that she has no constitutional backing to do any form of security investigation, will surely do more harm than good. If she wants to play the role of a responsible First Lady, the best she can do is to call on the government and the security agencies to work round-the-clock to ensure the safe return of those girls – our dear daughters – to us, just like every other well-meaning Nigerian is doing.

Flippant statements, baseless accusations and tearless cries of a lame Dame cannot be the solution to the monster bedeviling our nation known as Boko Haram. It is an issue that should be reserved only for the intelligent minds, the relevant authorities, and the SMEs (subject matter experts).

Abu Bilaal Abdulrazaq bn Bello bn Oare
Kaduna, Nigeria
Email: sahaabah@aol.com
GSM: 08050226182

40 thoughts on “A Forensic Analysis Of Patience Jonathan’s Speech On Missing Chibok Girls

  1. Well said @Abu, we have leaders and the led that doesnt know thier constitution right, many dont even care to know thier right, we are too full of emotions. I believe it High time Nigerians wake from slumber and tackle all these useless leaders. For Patience Jonathan, she is a disgrace to the nation,Her spoken english is an apology. Chie, there is God o. Its all deceit, shedding crocodile tears.

    • God that watches over us never sleep or slumber so I no he is just giving them last chance to say yes to Christ so my say is 0ur God never give up on soul at all so all u can do is say God bless Nigeria.

  2. Excellent write up and analysis. I’m glad we still have sane people in Nigeria who are capable of dissecting situations and making their voice heard positively without bias. Bravo! Remember “There is God oo”. LOL.

  3. Na all Drama as far as I am concern,and Patience was just shedding crocodile tears…If na her children,will she even have time to dress up the way she did to address the so called Principals….I am so pissed with all these govt drama

  4. Foolish talk,stupid and senseless observation. If U lack what say,just find yourself a place and sit. From your tune alone,U are obviously a BOKO HARAM. Despite d fact dat d post of the firstlady is not constitutionally recognised,she is still been refer to as d first lady. Abdulrazaq or what do U call yourself, she is a mother in not Just her own household but also of the country. She did not call them on a constitutional bases,she called just as U and I can call each other together to see into issues that bothers our dear country.the Issue of the Nigerian security challenges has gone beyond allowing only d Govt to take action,it has now become a collective responsibility to every citizen of the country. She should be unhappy because,she deserve the respect of the Borno state first lady as the nations first lady,that was insubordination on the part of hajiya Nana Kashim Shettima. You are a hungry writer,your types are what has brought dis country down to dis level. Nonsense!!!

  5. Good write up! My sentiments exactly! Her comments depicted neither sympathy nor empathy for the victims and their parents, it instead questioned the authenticity of the claims of abduction. #myhonestopinion

  6. All what you people are doing to this woman is cynical. English is not our mother language. France people are proud of speaking their French language. Mrs First Lady is proud of her English spoken and will exhibit it openly. People should learn to adapt to her English language after all these years…weather people hate her or like her….that does not terminate her appointment as being President’s wife. How many of you have the kind of luck to be a President’s wife yesterday or today at this present second? No! Probably that may happen tomorrow, but for now…you all are still low class to her level even with her English spoken that gives you fever and malaria, so therefore she is still favour by God to be in high post than you. Why not you all pray to God to lift you up high and stop disparaging a woman that is more a substance lady than you whom God has already favoured!!!!!

  7. Abu Bilaal, your piece of writing is so inspiring there’s nothing more to add. Am sometimes at a lost how Nigerians have come to accept the illegal concept of first ladyship in our body politics, to the extent it has ungulfed the ranks not only Governor’s wives but even local Government Chairmen’s wives all jostle to become first ladies of their respective rural constituencies. Public funds meant to benefit the deprived in the society are illegally voted for the running of “Offices of first Ladies” accross the country constituting unnecessary and illegal dissipations of public money just for shameless glorifications of an individual being the domestic apendage of their husbands.

    Patience Jonathan’s first ladyship style particulally has turned Nigeria into an object of mockery around the world. The rest of the world wonder how Nigeria with all the arrays of problems hanging on its neck that include credibility of its citizens; could still have a comedian first lady who at the least of her public engagements ends up ridiculously disgracing the entire nation by her uncultured vituberations. Not until the Boko Haram menace which is now eating up Nigerian consciense; Nigerians have come to see their President Goodluck Jonathan at very close focus that his thought processes are as weak as his wife’s Dame Patience, hitherto a weakness Nigerians were never farmilier with or had known before he was overwhelmingly elected as President. It is so glaringly easy to see why someone with a Ph.D, coming from a rural settings will blindly settle for virtually an illiterate as a wife and still allows her to rule his house, a weakness attribute of the President unfortunately brought on to bare on Nigerians. Very very unfortunate situation Nigerians have found themselves.

    • Thank you so much Oluwasheyi for your brief comment. It’s still a misery how this dumb and unintelligent couple rose to the highest position in the nation. If our beloved nation practice s true democracy like the way it is done in advance countries like the United States, UK, France and others, this Badluck Jonathan would never be voted as Chairman of a local government talk less a president over about 180 millions people. If presidential candidates from all the political parties go through national debates to showcase their ideas for the nation, their skills or talents and behaviors to Nigerians, president Badluck Jonathan wouldn’t have been voted president of the most popular black nation in the world. It’s a pity we have a foolish man and an illiterate woman as our first lady. Both couple have turned Nigeria to a mockery nation. Here this,” There is God O in all what we are doing” But their actions, utterances, and behaviors are not of God Almighty. May God deliver our dear nation from this incompetent and low mentality president. Amen.

  8. I don’t know if i am fast to say this but this woman who call her self the first lady is surely an illitrate..just listen to her.. what does she think she was saying..

  9. Thank you Mr. Abu Bilaal for your great contribution. I totally agreed with your comment without any reserve or objections. For our young democracy to survive for the betterment of our great Nigerian people regardless of their tribes, faith, language, class or religious, we must welcome great insight and constructive contributions from great Nigerian citizen like Mr. Abu. We can agree or disagree on issues without insulting or calling each other terrible names. Once again, thank you brother Abu Bilaal for your great comment. We need more of this hard facts to nourish our shaking democracy under the leadership of unable president Badluck Jonathan.

  10. @Sheyi,that is a lovely write-up.@ Histo & Bose,the writer is free to express himself in a democratic elected system of govt,so also d citizens of Nigeria,we all have d freedom of expression.It’s obvious that Dame Patience is nothing less than an illiterate.She is d first illiterate first lady in d history of Nigeria.That’s great,isn’t it?

    • @Funmi…
      Infact I respected President Jonathan for accepting First Lady in her area of weakness. Now that people has another National Anthem in Nigeria…let them keep on reciting. All I know is that being an illiterate is not a disease. This woman I am still saying is still favored by God by being in high place. All people condemning her should seek favor of God also and let her be……please.Getting our girls is more important now than all yhis!!!!!!!!

    • What’s her crime? Is Ur mother educated? Is/was Your mother’s mother educated? What does her illteracy got to do with d fact dat she sicks reality over the missing girls in her country? Wicked people are causing problem in this country and U young youth will not Use your heads. For God’s sake,she is not d president,but jst d president’s wife, tell me,is dat her crime? Just as she said “chei there is God oo!”

  11. Abeg make una free this woman.Since you know how to speak good english what has your big grammer give to u?abeg,The most important thing here is to find those girls not about power or english please

  12. Great contribution Abu.
    Its unfortunate that some with eyes cannot see @ histo, Bose and co.
    Adapt to her English language. Never knew there were different version of English language. Even after reading the article you still talk about her appointment? She has no appointment and had no power to summon anybody. Well it is Nigeria and anything goes but that does not mean it is right.
    If she really wants to help find those girls she should talk to her husband to do the right thing. Put in all resources to find the girls not do a TV show. If it was daughter will she be in TV doing row call or out there making sure that every single possible thing is done to find her child?

    • Shud we be talkin of d English or d missing girls? You that have eyes. The president is doing his part,she too is doing hers. What’s d big deal? Can’t she call to get relevant information as it concern the missing girls? Is she not a human being? Or has being the first lady become a curse. If she remain silent as to this issue thasame U pple will say,’she’s not acting as a first lady’ haba!

  13. Right observation and comment!Watching the video clip and reading the stupid and disjointed statements by the Down Lady got me disgusted. I felt ashamed for her and wished she could just support the agonizing nation by just keeping mum. In that way, she will not be able to display her ignorance for the whole world as the case is presently…honestly, the comedy from this drama queen should stop as this is no time for comedy.

    • Nike,whether U like it or not,she is your firstlady. What has your plenty english given U,but d little she has,has made her d firstlady.

  14. @Abu Bilaal or whatever u call ursef, in the constitution of the united state there is no provision for the office of the first lady, same in our constitution both for federal, state, local govt. councils.
    For u to single out the first lady Mrs Jonathan for ur jab is to say the least idiotic, shameful, wicked, sentimental, crazy, and most foolish of u.

  15. …@Abu Bilaal or whatever u call ursef, in the constitution of the united state there is no provision for the office of the first lady, same in our constitution both for federal, state, local govt. councils.
    For u to single out the first lady Mrs Jonathan for ur jab is to say the least idiotic, shameful, wicked, sentimental, crazy, and most foolish of u.

    • Usman Bayero,thank U so much,why will our youth still reason like the old thieves who ruled us b4. People will come up with stupid write up and group or bunch of foolish nigerians will ignorantly buy d useless view and make senseless comments.

  16. @Lawrence…you that have eyes and know English better, tell us how far your knowledge of English has made you an important personality and influential in our society today? All of you are just a blabbers keep on blabbing in your recitation of your new anthem. For all I care, First Lady is still imperative now than all of you her haters at her back, I bet you all will say ‘YES MA’ WITH A LOUD VOICE WHEN SEE HER STANDING INFRONT NOF YOU, you all bunch of hypocrite full of cynic minded!!!!!!

  17. Pls go & check d dictionary(new edition),illiteracy goes beyond not been able to read or write or to express oneself properly.I mean politically d first lady is also an illiterate.She doesn’t have d constitutional powers to summon any public officer.Summoning public officials goes beyond d powers of d first lady.Law makers are also reacting to this.There are other ways she could have sympathized with d parents of d abducted girls just like Michelle Obama did.It is only bunch of fools and her fellow illiterates who will contradict this fact because of their lack of in-dept knowledge on the subject matter.

  18. I love this woman First Lady, look at the way she has cause traffic in the lives of all of you her haters. She is there in her palace enjoying while you haters are still in your go-slow. I want us to know that God detest and will refuse to answer the prayers of such people when they pray to God because such prayers in the presence of God is an abomination. GOD I USE FIRST LADY AS A POINT OF CONTACT THAT AS YOU HAVE ANSWERED THIS WOMAN WHEN SHE WAS NO BODY BEFORE, TO NOW BE SOMEBODY TODAY, I AM PLEADING LORD, REMEMBER US ALL, AND FAVOR US IN ALL AREAS WE NEED THY FAVOUR IN JESUS NAME. AMEN
    Please I want us to end this debate and reflect on something that English speaking does not denote you must be a successful person in life, but I want us to know that we can only be successful in life through grace of God by His Devine favour A typical example in the Bible was Easter, she was from grass to grace. Let us forget about this woman with her spoken English, it’s not consequential now. The imperative part for us to concentrate on now is to pray to God to help and be with all these people helping us to locate all our missing daughters. God bless you all!!!!!

  19. lmao… i hope u all got d name of d person that did this write up??? point fingers at d first lady.. dont point at the brains behind BH sect that identifies with Islam…. u didnt av the time to analize d contradictin statements of d principal.. d fact dt d sch claimed to be only girls is mixed… d fact dt sumone was actin up as one of d mothers… d fact dt d gals writin waec dt were alleged to have escaped culd not speak english… d irregular figures of missin gals… d fact dt no list of persons have been brot out as missing… oga research… research well and dont come posting thrash here.

  20. Whatever the writer says, it’s a good thought,in the sense that Nigeria should be a civilized country after 53 years of independence. No where in Western world that a president’s wife will commandeer the governors to attend such meeting or … If not factual, does Patience approach and method of sending her message to those attendees/people make sense? It is therefore a BIG shame to Nigeria and Africa at large. It is only in Africa that you will see a First Lady slapping individual. It is only in Africa that you will see a senator beating a police man. It is only in Africa that you will see a commissioner … And the list goes on.

    We. need to wake up and free ourselves from this primitive mentality, oppression and cyrannical of African leaders. We need to justify our existence. This is 21st century…

  21. Don’t worry. The military will be back soon. Sooner than expected….just like Ghana. History will repeat itself.

  22. Nobody dispute the fact that she received favour 4rm God 4rm d write up and d comment I have read so far @Bose and hyto. Let 4get about d constitution aspect of it, Its disgracing for the #1 woman of this great country 2 butcher English like that. Gosh! What was she thinking? When she can buy it with her money. After those years as the first lady, she can’t upgrade herself? This ridiculous and utterly disgraceful! Mtcheeeew!!! @Fola, I like ur comment.

  23. 2 me d knd of grama she speaks does not matter what matters is d wellbeing of d country, if d First Lady will assist her husband and make dis country a better place 4 all of us, then I’m okay

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