Afrocandy Broke? Nollywood Actress Asks Fans To Pay Money For Audition

afrocandy money audition

July 19, 2014 – Nigerian Actress Afrocandy Asks Fans To Pay Money, N7000 For Audition

Nigerian actress turned soft porn star Judith Opara who took to the web to solicit for donation because of financial trouble few months back is in the news again.

After allegedly spending all her money on a soft porn movie that got banned in Nigeria, Afrocandy has started soliciting for money again and this time around in form of audition.

She is calling on all desperate wannabe movie stars to pay her N7000 each as registration fee for auditions for her upcoming movie.

Read what Afrocandy said on Facebook:

“Registration for my audition has kicked-off staring from today, July 14th to July 30th 2014. You go to the bank, pay your registration fee of N7, 000 and once I confirm payment, I will invite you for your audition with me personally. You must bring your teller when you are coming. Good luck guys!’

The mother of two is based in New York.

Why is she asking people to pay for audition??? Isn’t audition a free process… Na wa o