Air Peace Begins Operation, Flight Booking & Ticketing Website Launched

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Oct 21, 2014 – Nigeria’s Latest Airline, Air Peace Begins Operation In Lagos With 7 Planes

Air Peace Begins Operation, Ticketing & Flight Booking Website Launched

Air Peace, Nigeria’s latest airline, was launched on Tuesday with seven aircraft and a promise to provide comfortable and safe flights to Nigerians.

The airline would also lay the foundation for the entrenchment of peace, the development of the aviation sector and would end the level of animosity amongst operators, Barrister Allen Onyema, Air Peace Chairman and CEO said.

“The era of devilish competition and devilish envy in the aviation industry in Nigeria should remain in the past,” he said at the launch ceremony at the Lagos local airport.

He said with seven aircraft all named after his family members, the airline has gone a step further in ensuring safety by contracting one of the world’s best maintenance organisations, BT Aviation Maintenance Company in the United Kingdom.

“To ensure that nothing is left to chance, we have also equally signed a Powered By Hour (PHB) contract with the world’s biggest PHB vendors, AJ Walter of United Kingdom for supply of aircraft spares,” Onyema said.

He said Air Peace has also signed a five year contract with Canada’s Flyth Solutions incorporated for the installation of Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS) on all his aircraft for flight tracking and engine trend monitoring.

“This system has already been installed to all our aircraft,” Onyema said.

In addition, he said, the airline has also contracted Flight Scape Inc of Canada in partnership with IATA for effective flight data analysis.

His main objective is to create many jobs for Nigerians and not just to make money for himself.

For now, Air Peace would fly to Abuja, Lagos, Enugu, Port Harcourt and Owerri. The flight takes off from Lagos on Friday 24 October.

For Air Peace Nigeria website, visit

Onyema also announced that because of the fight against Boko Haram in the North, any Nigerian soldier who flies his airline will not pay more than 10, 000.


48 thoughts on “Air Peace Begins Operation, Flight Booking & Ticketing Website Launched

  1. Thanks Bar Allen Onyeoma! Mbosi town in Ihiala LGA of Anambra state is very proud to have you. More blessings bro

  2. Thank you very much Bar, Allen Onyema. At least the public will now feel relaxed and safe while flying,and also those who have not travelled by air before can now do so. you are indeed a God sent.

  3. Congrats for a brave effort to bring both safety and savings to the Nigerian airline passenger.As the President of the Nigerian Airline Passenger Association we shall be monitoring your airline and pass on useful comments to help you improve. We are now particularly pleased at the image your are building as a punctuality airline. If you can keep it up the sky is not only going to be your limit but be dominated by you.We will want to workout a special discount for our executives and members and some upgrading for the President,like flying business class with economy ticket when such seats are not fully occupied, Finaly my congrats for the posing with Obama and his Vice by Chairman Onyeama. I do have two good people for employement in Enugu and Abuja and possibly a third in Lagos.Regards, Oba Arc D A Nwandu

  4. Oh my gosh,look at how God have beautifully bless my home town through allen onyema,may almighty God bless u and us peace and safty travel amen,just finish my school I pray to work wit peace airline soon,thanks barrister allen

  5. pls i fly Airpeace on d 1st of April 2015 from Enugu to Lagos wit my son on 2:45 flight. I sat at sit number 5b and i forgot in the pocket of d sit in front of me my wallet with all my identity, ATM of my husband and some money plus my boarding pass. Pls help me

  6. I am right now at your checking in office at owerri and i am being right refuse being checked in with insults form your staff
    I booked online and paid at fidelity bank
    Your airline is very frustrating and checking staff need to be trained and i will take you to court

    I will never never travel with your air line gain

    Okechukwu Enwerem
    Reservations no PNR OE9AYB

  7. Congrats on this new airline. I hope your services will be better than that of others. Do not make the mistakes others have made, by giving preferential treatment to foreigners; lack of cleanliness and over charging customers. Please pay attention to all our comments on this website.

  8. I want to book for Abuja flight on Saturday, 5th August, 2015 from Calabar. Please how much is the ticket and the flight time

  9. please i want to book for flight from lagos to owerri on 26th of December, from owerri back to lagos on the 30th of December 2015

  10. Hello, Please i am trying to register in your frequent flier advantage but i cannot proceed and stop pop up on my phone number. Can you help me how to sign up your advantage for me to claim my previous flight points. hoping your quick respond. Thank you!!!

  11. Hello, Please i am trying to register in your frequent flier advantage but i cannot proceed and stop pop up on my phone number. Can you help me how to sign up your advantage for me to claim my previous flight points. hoping your quick respond. Thank you!!!

  12. Hello, pls one of your agents by nameJoy collected my money to book me online since DEC till now ,never gave me ticket and have refused to pick my calls since then till now, pls I need my money back, I was asks to pay through zenith bank acct, this is the acct no I paid the money into , promise Inegbedion, 2088164137. Pls kindly use your good office to recover my money before it gets out of hand. God bless you,

  13. pls I want 2 buy afternoon ticket 2 owerri 4rm Lagos.What time would the flight be leaving and how much?

  14. Pls I want 2 book ahead against monday 11th of july frm abuja 2 lag nd cuming back frm lagos 2 abuja on 20th july 2016,want 2 knw hw much it will cost nd hw 2 get my ticket

  15. I need a flight to get me in georgia to port harcourt without visa needed oneway only please write me back asap please!

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