Amaechi Turns Preacher: “Jesus Made Me A Governor After 10 Months Of Prayer & Fasting”


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December 26, 2013 – Governor Amaechi Turns Preacher: “Jesus Christ Made Me A Governor After 10 Months Of Prayer & Fasting”

Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi gave a very long message while addressing masses at Saint Vincent De Paul Catholic Church in Port Harcourt on Christmas day, Wed December 25, 2013.

While addressing the increased violence in the Rivers State, Amaechi said the growing insecurity was caused by police officials’ biasness when dealing with civilians.

He also said he was installed by Jesus Christ as the governor of Rivers State. Amaechi urged people to ignore claims that some politicians installed him as the governor.

Hear Amaechi in his own words below:

“As a government led by me, a government installed by Christ, if anybody tells you he installed me, tell him it is a lie. Tell him that I said I prayed for 10 months and I fasted from 6am to 6pm, calling on Christ to come down and Christ came down mightily and installed me as governor.

“That is why you can see that in the face of human effortery, I have been able to stand face to face with them and I say I have Christ in me.

“You must rise in that same spirit of having Christ in you and confront those who are confronting you. You must stand up for Christ because the Bible says ‘faith without work is dead.’

“We must not die. We must live and the way to live is to celebrate Christ and the way to celebrate Christ is to confront Satan and Satan is in different forms and shapes.

“If the police shoot at you, they are satanic. If government denies you your right to live, that government is satanic” .

“All these you may want to attribute to political disagreement in Rivers State; but it is not true. It is simply because of those who lead us in Abuja; because the police is an establishment of the Federal Government and they have refused to curb the excesses of the police.

“Instead of the police to chase away criminals, they are shooting at innocent citizens. Don’t stop at praying. We knew we prayed, but as you pray, you must rise on your feet and confront the challenges of insecurity.”

What is political message doing inside church on Christmas day? These politicians have become something else I tell you.