Anja Ringgren Loven Is Married To A Nigerian…See Her Husband, David Emmanuel Umem [PHOTOS]

Anja Ringgren Loven married nigerian

April 13, 2017 – Danish Life Saver, Anja Ringgren Loven Is Married To A Nigerian…See Her Younger Husband, David Emmanuel Umem

The beautiful woman from Denmark who became a star after rescuing a boy branded a witch in Akwa Ibom state few years ago has found love in Nigeria.

The founder of Land of Hope Children center in Ikot Ibiok town just returned to Nigeria from her base in Denmark.

Earlier this week, the elderly woman showed off the love of her life, Eket-born Mr David Emmanuel Umem, whom she has been praising non stop on her official Facebook page.

Though Nigerians ‘re not that pleased that she found love in a younger Nigerian, the woman seems unperturbed by their opinions.

This is how Anja praised her husband of four years on FB earlier today:

See more photos of the couple below

Anja Ringgren Loven nigerian husband

Check out their handsome son

People like Anja understands what it takes to marry a younger guy and from all indications she won’t mind the other side of it considering her age.

Her shy husband is said to be the manager of Anja’s Land of Hope Children center.

Congrats to the cute couple.

6 thoughts on “Anja Ringgren Loven Is Married To A Nigerian…See Her Husband, David Emmanuel Umem [PHOTOS]

  1. But most this young Nigerian men marry the old white women for papers and other selfish reasons.

  2. LOL @ people even OPENING their mouths to criticize these two! Anja and David are an example of the little bit of GOOD left in the world, and people have something negative to say. UNBELIEVABLE!! Anja and her husband are amazing, and their child is beautiful. Them and their crew must feel so lonely at times. Living in a world so filled with hate.

  3. Shes is a angel énd love dont now aige ….
    This women is full of love and good intentions
    Pls non jugement
    Is not good for the soul❤️????????

  4. God will bless Anja. Uwem God bless u sir. Inspirations. If u come from Akwa ibom state, u will understand that they are God send. I hope she stays more in Nigeria, we need this type of people around.

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