Apology Video: Governor Oshiomhole Employs Widow, Pays Her N2 Million

governor oshiomhole apology video

Dec 2nd, 2013 – Apology Video: Governor Oshiomhole Employs Widow, Pays Her N2 Million

Finally the official video of the conversation between ‘go and diewidow, Joy Ifijeh and Edo state Governor Adams Oshiomhole has surfaced.

The widower governor invited the widow he oppressed few days ago to the State House today Friday December 2nd, 2013.

He officially tendered an apology with 2 million naira cash and an employment offer with WAI (War Against Indiscipline).

Governor Adams Oshiomhole on Monday said he uttered the controversial ‘go and die’ statement in anger.

Watch the video below and read the transcript of their conversation here.


31 thoughts on “Apology Video: Governor Oshiomhole Employs Widow, Pays Her N2 Million

  1. This lady is too young to be a widow
    I don’t think she is even up to 30
    Hope this is not a setup to gain sympathy

    • u re very funny who cant be a widow? does death av anytin 2 do with age? even a woman below 20 can be a widow as far as she is married.All we shud all pray 4 is long life SHIKENNAH

    • in Africa anything can kill a young man so age cant be the reason rather circumstance. i believe this is the way God want to bless her.

  2. This is really nice…job well done for the governor to have accepted and apologize to the lady, may this set as a good example to all out there. God grant more grace to your elbow Governor Oshiomhole

  3. Now d people will be please with oshiomhole for correcting is mistake he was very angry that’s y he spoke badly to d lady and with d money and apology he gave to d lady am please with him now and I believe d good God is Also pleased with him.d lady laugh from d heart after she was giving d 2million .

  4. Good one. when you humble urself to ask for forgiveness u will ve peace of mind and ur borders will enlarge. may God bless the woman and Gov. Oshiomhole


  6. well,the governor is a strategist but glad he apologised and pledge to assist her on her business.this is a call for govt to help struggling families survive .by breating jobs and offering low interest loans to set up things that will let them live their dream.i applaud the governor and others should emuluate from him.small madam..rush bank go deposit the money oo..

  7. I fear Gorvernment tea o mmmmmm where to that drank it yesterday’s , I shedding tears when I watched the video, anyways I’m happy it’s happy ending. Eyin loro, words are like eggs, when it’s breaks can not be assembled again oooo, it my be had for some people to say sorry. Nice one gorvernor .

  8. @Wilson T, to be a widow is not a good thing so she would not have lied.
    Oshomole has demostrated that he can accommodate constructive criticisms which is a good virture of a leader that wants to make a change. this is comendable and should be emulated by all. This form of humility will stand out for long time. We forgive u sir for u have humbled us. Thank you!!

  9. Pple myt see dis as politics, but as for me I don’t I belive God just use adam as an element of anger to favour her. God has a way of doing things happy for Joy

  10. Wao! Am so so impressed this is an evidence of a good leader, may God continue to bless u sir, congrat Joy your name has brought everlasting joy to ur family.

  11. What a perfect and impeccable match. As if the two are meant for each other. I go love o. Thanks governor for ur better understanding.

  12. Am a Ugandan leaving in Denmark. I have followed this story from the very beginning. I must say when the video first came out, i cursed at this man, and felt enormous pity for the woman. But i tell u,Gods has his ways. Look what he has done for this woman…..am crying sheding tears of joy ….so happy for you lady. Invest the money wisely.
    And to the governor, thank you for apologising and accepting that what you did was wrong. God bless you too

  13. Wow. God is awesome. He can lift anyone from the dungeon and make him or her to sit among the princes’. All things has finally worked together for the good of the widow. Gov. Oshomoleh, God bless n preserve u and your household.

  14. Oh Osho baba, you too much. Just come and RULE Delta State for ONE Month. God will bless you for blessing this woman

  15. Pls o…as for me o…two of u should marry o….no mata d backgrnd or family or influence wot wil be wil be o…lol…

  16. God moves in a misterious way, his wonders to perfom…
    Osho baba, u have my respect back as before. PDP in Edo state what are going to do now that hé has escaped ur political propaganda?

  17. You see why I said that politicians should stop toying with pepples lives.Before the news could even went round,PDP Edo State wanted to use it as an opportunity to continue their evil ways of deception.They have been put to shame.Well done governor.Edo State citizens must also learn to obey laws and orders placed before them.They must also appreciate the efforts of those working hard to make Benin a modern city,because the ancient city is really behind modernization.Well done once more Oshio Baba.For the woman I thank God and ,Iam happy for you.God works in ways we cannot understand indeed.

  18. See our God can lift one from ZERO 2 HERO
    I cried after after watchin d first video n as 4 dis second one it wz tears of joy
    PDP has bein put 2 shame
    God bless Oshiomole, my comrade govnor
    God bless all widows including my mom

  19. Adams, should be the person we want at the federal level, count what this man did right from the time he was in labour, fighting for people, always having passion for the poor. Sir, your generation will never lack help. May the Lord keep you to position you well in Jesus Name. Who among them will stoup soo low like this, it takes a humbly heart. The Lord bless u sir.

  20. Thats good of the Governor for apologizing.Hope other widows in other 9ija states would not go selling on the road to such situation could happen to them cos i trust 9ija people with trying.

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