Asari Dokubo 2015 War & Bloodshed Threats: Nigeria Sitting On A Keg Of Gun Powder


asari dokubo election threats 2015

Jan 26, 2015 – Asari Dokubo 2015 War & Bloodshed Threats: Nigerians Beware!!!!

To all and sundry lets us NOT take these bullying threat from Asari Dokubu ,and his cohorts with just a pinch of salt. These bullying threats must be taken seriously. Hence the signs, I’m seeing to the run-up of this presidential election are not exactly looking good.

The situations we have in our nation are all pointing to the potent ingredients of war in the air-in which if not quickly addressed could spell doom for the nation.

We have a situation of Boko Haram with assorted Arms and weapons of mass destruction in the North; we also have thousands of angry youths from the North, who are ready to take up Arms, just by the sound of a whistle. Now we have ex-militants from the South-south threatening war if Jonathan –the corrupt and failed president is not reelected to power.

In case you might not know that -Nigeria is dealing with ex-militants who are neck-deep in  Arms struggle.

According to (Premium Times)- The All Progressives Congress has alleged that former militant, Asari Dokubo  was on board a private jet ,owned by Ayo Oritsejafor in which US$9.3 million was smuggled to South Africa from Nigeria in the cash-for-Arms –deal, saga. An allegation which he (Asari ) strongly denies.

In 2012 the government  invested in the Global West Vessel Specialist Limited, GWVSL, a firm widely believed to be owned by Tompolo, with a contract worth $103.4 million (over N15 billion) to supply 20 vessels for the use of the nation’s military authorities to secure the waterways.

In December 2014 Saturday Punch Newspaper reported that -A former Niger Delta militant, Mr. Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo,  bought seven decommissioned Norwegian battleships.

Reports by a Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet, said that the fast-speed Hauk-class guided missile boats had been re-armed with new weaponry. The report also revealed that Ekpemupolo’s most recent purchase is a KNM Horten, a fast-attack craft now used in fighting piracy in Nigeria’s waterways.

With all of these Arms and weapons circulating amongst civilians and so the called militants; Nigerian thus is sitting on a “keg of gun powder”.

I will advice that the Department of State Security Services-DSS, all the governors (irrespective of their party affiliations)  and all past head of states of  Nigeria to all come together to discuss the security situation of the Nation before this situation spirals out of control.

Hence Nigerian belongs to all of us –and in the event of war only the defenseless and the millions of innocent children, mothers, fathers and the general populace that will suffer.

To all stake holders, please you must all act now!

[Written by Conscience 1]