Asari Dokubo’s Letter: “Obasanjo Sent Snipers To Kill Me & Aided My Arrest In Benin Republic”

asari dokubo letter obasanjo

January 3rd, 2014 –  Asari Dokubo’s Letter: “Obasanjo Sent Snipers To Kill Me, He Arrested & Jailed Me In Benin Republic”

In this season of open letters, a controversial Ijaw man, Mr Asari Dokubo has penned his own version of open letter to Ex-Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo.

This is coming days after Asari Dokubo secretly met with Major Al Mustapha over an undisclosed issue.

Asari Dokubo said Obasanjo was the man behind his arrest in Benin Republic and that God used President Jonathan to rescue him.

He also said Obasanjo has sent several snipers to kill him with no success.

Sources in the know claim Asari Dokubo is saying this purposely to defend Al Mustapha whom Obasanjo accused of training snipers to be used in 2015 on President Jonathan’s political enemies.

Read Asari Dokubo’s letter to Obasanjo below:

“I want to remind you of the startling move you made on my life during the momentous days, leading to the historic Isaac Boro celebration on the 16th of May 2005,” he recounted.  “At that time the Bayelsa state Government was under Chief D.S.P. Alamieseigha. Chief DSP Alamieseigha had warned that the 1million man march the NDPVF was organizing to protest the injustice of the Nigerian state against the Ijaws and other oil bearing nation should not hold and would not be allow into Bayelsa state because of a security report that emanated from you that I didn’t know at the time. The report or plot to truncate the march was grave and dangerous, as the Executive Governor of Bayelsa State Chief D.S.P. Alamieseigha, told me the Bayelsa State Government couldn’t guarantee our security – my security.

“The Governor, Chief D.S.P. Alamieseigha was away in South Africa at the time. Goodluck Jonathan was then the acting Governor of Bayelsa state, and asked us not to come into Bayelsa state of course we brushed off all obstacles whether real or imagined that were mounted not to let us into Yenagoa.

“Chief D.S.P. Alamieseigha then informed me that you – General Olusegun Obasanjo, sent 5 snipers to kill me in Yenegoa and that he -Chief D.S.P Alamieseigha accommodated them at the government house in yenegoa. That he traveled out of the state and directed the Bayelsa State government not to allow me into Yenegoa to avoid my being killed in Yenegoa by your snipers – as he didn’t know if you had sent other snipers into the state.It downed on me, why Dr. Peter Odili, gave us all the resources we sought– it was to push me into a den of your snipers – because he offered us assistance even when we are not the best of friends, providing all the resources we needed to convey us out of town.”

Insisting that Obasanjo is the leader of killers, Asari stated, “ I wonder why you, the Chief Assassin of all times, would accuse President Goodluck Jonathan of training 1000 snipers and having a watch-list of political opponents when he has tolerated your insane excesses along with your mutinous gang which no head of government the world over would have so tolerated forgetting so soon that this was the same infamous journey you embarked on during the regime of General Sanni Abacha that nearly cost you your life.Until date, the mystery surrounding the death of your kinsman and former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Late Bola Ige’s death has not been unraveled. So also is that of my kinsmen AK Dikibo and Chief Marshall Harry. At the time they were felled, AK Dikibo was national vice chairman (south-south) of the PDP while Chief Marshall Harry was former national vice chairman (south south) of the PDP and also the national vice chairman (south-south) of the ANPP, as president of the Federal republic of Nigeria you were the national leader of the PDP. At that time, many public analysts described the PDP as a nest of killers. Governor Orji Uzor Kalu of Abia state, clearly stated that your hands may not be clean regarding the brutal killing of the then Vice Chairman of South-South Zone of the PDP – A.K. Dikibo.”

“Name one Nigerian leader that wasn’t known for his clannish, ethnic and tribal interests,” he challenged.  “How has Nigeria fared since independence if not on the tuft of steely ethnic considerations? How do you expect President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan to be divulged of this, after you led many others in the display of ethnic and tribal purges?

“Why have you singled out Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan to be sacrificed on the altar of ethnicity, sectional and bloody intrigues, designed to incite Nigerians against the Ijaws and his government? Is it because Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan is an Ijaw man or as you once described him – as a weak minority leader of Nigeria whose aspiration must be limited because he is an Ijaw man.What often creates violence, especially in Africa is when unguarded utterances are made by well connected ethnic chauvinists that provoke untenable ethnic bickering, bad blood and insinuation of violence, amongst hitherto friendly people in a multi-plural state. I find your warning that President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan maybe the last Ijaw to rule Nigeria a little childish. I believe you think the Ijaws are far too small, too few and deeply insignificant to assert any ambition to rule Nigeria. The dream of Ijaws is not to rule Nigeria but to rule a country that is theirs – a truly great and free country that believes in the dignity of labour and the virtues of good leadership. If Ijaws won’t rule Nigeria then they must seek their own country, in line with universal principles of self- determination and rule ourselves because Ijaws won’t succumb to be made slaves- Never!”

“Finally, your evil plot to put me away before the 2015 general election failed in the Republic of Benin. I end this piece by saying Allah is on my side. Despite your brutal attack on me, and plot to kill me, Allah has been my helper and has not abandoned me. Your blood-curdling incitement of the authorities of the Republic of Benin against me, at my exiled home, so as to have me docked, tried and sentenced for national security related offences replays what you did before. The fact that I escaped unhurt when all hope was lost is a pointer to my supernatural fortification, leading and protection. In your plot to have me sidelined, Allah used President Goodluck Jonathan to rescue me.”

Asari Dokubo is working overtime to remain relevant in this country.

His open letter came days after meeting with Major Hamza Al-Mustapha.

As earlier reported Obasanjo accused Al Mustapha of training snipers to be used in 2015 against Jonathan’s political enemies.

From all indications, Asari Dokubo might have planned this during his secret meeting with Al Mustapha to get back to Obasanjo.

He also vowed to ensure President Jonathan’s reelection in 2015.

So what will happen if Jonathan is not reelected? Let’s wait and see if Obasanjo will reply him.

30 thoughts on “Asari Dokubo’s Letter: “Obasanjo Sent Snipers To Kill Me & Aided My Arrest In Benin Republic”

  1. Pardon my language but this guy is too fat for my liking.
    He is becoming irritating and annoying.
    Who are you compared to Obasanjo abi u dey joke
    I pity you.
    Obasanjo doesn’t need snipers to kill you.

  2. Everybody is writing open letter and Asari of all people too is writing his own
    Who is this uneducated criminal disgracing my ijaw people self.
    Please put him in jail

  3. It is look like we have enter the periods of open lettering. Even those without a went to school certificate have write their own. I thinking to write my own too.

  4. I wish Asari will continue with his fight against evil politicians in nigeria. As a freedom fighter and political activist, Asari should do more to help nigeria. I don’t mind your religion or tribe so far you have the interest of the nation at heart. Alabo Edi Abali of kalabari is a total man and nigerians especially the youths are in support of his good gesture toward nigeria. Fellow nigerians, Exposing the evil politicians in the country is very good for our democracy. God bless nigeria

  5. Hmmm this is all sort of jebrish coming out of ur mouth.. Is it because OBJ & GEJ are in commotion? so u are also framing allegation on OBJ simply because u are from same state with GEJ… Plz try say something else.

  6. Imagin, if dey are killin everybody ova politics say na dokibo dem go kill? Mtcheeew. This idiot too dey talk say dey want kill am, an ordinary holigan dat mak his money tru thuggery

  7. Asari Dokubo, I like u I speak as human, if realing u are fighting 4 d masses, pls change ur confession (religion) confess Jesus christ u be save. OBJ is not d owner of Nigeria, God bless Nigeria.

  8. Its a pity that Nigeria under Jonathan has gone down to this level. Asari Dokubo opening his dirty mouth to insult Obasanjo to this extend. Where was this guy when Obj side line every politician for Jonathan? I want Jonathan to know that he can not be president forever and should not be pushed to bite the finger that fed him. You can say God made you president but, he used Obasanjo. All I understand is, so because of all these,that why you guys are gathering armies for 2015? And, suddenly became friend with Al Mustapha? Jonathan should remember he had no shoe when he was imposed on Nigerian!!!

  9. @Chigozie what make you believe this moron fat-ass-nigger is looking out for Nigerians interest. Don’t be deceived by his mumbling, he is an empty barrel that makes loudest noise. Apparently, he’s arrogant and bible declared that: “After pride cometh shame”. 2015 is around the corner. The votes of the Ijaw people alone cannot bring Jonathan into power. It is the collective efforts and votes of Nigerians will achieve that. He needs to shut down his trump. Besides, if someone really want take him out, who the hell does he think he his to prevent that from happening. He’s just a big fool seeking recognition.

    • Dave, you have spoken well am a typical Ijaw man.. as far as we know Dokubo is a disgrace to Ijaw people ,he is just looking for peace of the action

  10. No be him fault, it is the goat that died in the wee of night that caused sleepless night. Obasanjo brought this shit on himself. His responsibility as an elder statesman is to sit and lay back for people to be approaching him for advice instead of putting his nose into politics at all time. I guess he would forever remain alive, hence, why would a tug as Dokubo not privilege or refrain from running his dirty mouth on a man who had acquired a lifetime experiences totaling his age. What a shame.

  11. Asari threaten nigerian that war is coming if jonathan is not re elected so I don’t think we should take this empty fat barrel as an activist sometime ago he said he is relocating to benin republic under this current govt now he is fighting for the same corrupt govt that we don’t have a choice but to vote jonathan.

  12. I’m quite not com4table with d inelegant comments, portraying a scenario of the hunter becoming the hunted.
    May i ask, is it because it’s Asari the Ijaw man that is speaking?, lets be realistic, ain’t we’ll in d know of the several escapade of the historical tyrant from the West&who has mustered spinless guts to insult my Own sitting president.
    If the truth must be spoken the man (Asari) should be out of the picture, he does not deserve these incessant barrage of animosity shown by u’ll. OBJ, the farmer, deserves a trillion dose of abuses and not the Ijaw man(asari), cos, he 1st opened the pandora box against my president.

  13. That is the consequencies of imposing a president on us. First it was Yaradua, then Jonathan. When will OBJ stop, at death? Jonathan is only a mirror that reflects OBJ’s evils.

  14. Pls who is this man & how did he escape trained snipers if his story is true? I wonder how much his mouth & body will smell like becos his words stinks v bad with hate & notice me sick is d govt 4 motor park,militants made millionaires 2 stand up & dictate for Nigeria.go & take ur bath & learn how 2 peel like a man b4 u show ur face.

  15. For the word of GOD says’But as for you all,do you return,and come now:for i cannot find one wise man among you'(job17 : 10), Let us pray Nigeria,lord jesus christ,change the night into day for Nigerian,daddy the light is short because of darkness.let your peace remain here in Nigeria,in jesus name we pray(AMEN) peace been unto you our great country Nigeria. *08038433483#

  16. Am not fr IJaw, & not supporting all dis rubbish going on tagged Open letter. But i think Obasanjo sold his birthright so anybody can talk to him. He knew abt Snippers cos he used them during his time. @ bolakale GEJ wudnt be president 4ever but he has d rite to re contest. Asari might be a tout but our past leaders has made him so relevant & there’s nothing u can do abt it. As far as am concerned Obasanjo has destroyed Nigeria but God is Greater than all of them & our hope is built on him.

    • @ CHI- ur rit my dear,don’t mind Dave,his jst busy criticisin. @Dave,even if ur an Odua man,OBJ is nt ur bother! All he has gathered am sure has NEVER benefited u and will NEVER too. So,lets thank God! Perios!

  17. Certainly dis open letter is a sign dat Nigeria wil experience a great change in political area which wil induce d real transformation in al ramification . It is tym 4 higher powers to go down y less ones move up naija watch n see

  18. @ Dave. Thank God u understnd d whole story. Y did OBJ open his fat uncontrolable mouth and said all d nonsense,what has Nigerians achieved after his 12yrs as a President n Nig,y didnt he respect himself and his age and do better tins rather he preferrs rainin accusations wthout evidenc. I must tell u,lets thank God for all dis dat is happenin nw,God wnts to in a way open thier ‘nyash’. OBJ has been feared by so many dat they cant expose him on his evil acts,GOD EVEN SAVE’AM SAY HIM CLASSMATE (FELA) NO DEY,HM FOR CARRY DIS OPPORTUNITY FINISH AM. Make dem talk,frm there fowl nyash go dey open. Lets put aside S-W,S-E,S-S…forget dis tins and face reality,try and also forget religion,lets face our problem. OBJ don mess up! HOOHAA!

  19. I don’t knw γ̲̣̣̥ Nigerians forget things in such å hurry. Should we now be celebrating people who takes up arms against the state,armed robbers,kidnappers,Oil bunkers,Militants,Muderers etc. Asari Dokubo should have been put in one prison or given å death sentence. He ȋ̝̊̅§ now talking that Obasanjo sent snipers to kill him. Obasanjo ȋ̝̊̅§ an international man Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ an elder statesman. The level of Obansanjo to Asari ȋ̝̊̅§ incomparable. Nigerians media should not even think of even publishing information written by criminals,because Nigeria ȋ̝̊̅§ å country with millions of intellectuals who should be heard Criminals.

  20. ASARI be careful you’ve engulfed so much that you cannot swallow, and dont forget that GEJs days in the office are numbered come 2015.You’ve torn so many masks of honour so dont end up wearing that of disgrace, try to learn from others experience so that you will live to enjoy the wealth you’ve acquired, a word is enough for the wise and the fools that may understand.

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