Attitude Is Everything: Single Ladies, Stop Insulting Gentlemen Who Approach You About Relationship


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February 23, 2016 – Attitude Is Everything: Single Ladies, Stop Insulting Gentlemen Who Approach You About Relationship

This one’s for the ladies!

“Please know that attitude is everything. When a gentleman approaches you about a relationship or whatever, there is no need to be rude if you are not interested! Be nice about it.

You keep asking God to cause your potential husband to find you and when one appears, you size him from top to bottom and ask him what gave him the audacity to step up to you.

Really, who do you think you are? He may not have as much as you do today but you are not the one who determines his tomorrow. The truth is this: for some ladies, the reason for delay is their attitude. It is their character! Praying is not the only solution, an attitude adjustment is required, a character evaluation is a must.

Listen, that man you dismiss will spread news about you and that will repel every other gentleman out there. Who doesn’t want a humble and meek wife? Remember Ruth? Boaz told her this – “…Everyone in town knows you are a virtuous woman, a woman of excellence, a woman of noble character” – Ruth 3:11.

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It’s obvious he had heard about her and he heard good things about her so he didn’t need much convincing to do what was necessary, as he said in that verse. Please calm down and prune away anything that may be putting that potential husband off. Just as good news spreads about a person, so does bad news – and it tends to go further.

It’s true that some men may misbehave or go about their intentions the wrong way when they approach you but right now, I am talking about the gentleman who approaches you politely. You can still be polite while telling him you are not interested for whatever reason. And if you decide that you want to think about it or pray about it (which you should), don’t drag it out.

Respond quickly so he can retrace his steps if your answer is no. But don’t behave as if nobody is worthy of you otherwise you will keep praying and fasting for a husband while you hear news of the weddings of those same men who approached you.

I’ll go beyond a potential husband and say even for those you come across on a daily basis, those around you, those you work with, whether male or female.

Don’t allow your reputation to be negative; because guess what… people know people, and you will be talked about.

Be wise! And the truth is your character/attitude is not just for getting married. It is part of what keeps it.

Whatever you do, just be nice. Just be polite. Even for marriage, character, attitude is everything!” –

[Excerpt from a teaching by Kemi Oyedepo]