50 Year Old Australian Woman Who Met Nigerian Man, 32, Online Seeks Advice

50 year old australian woman meets nigerian online

December 31, 2017 – 50 Year Old Australian Woman Who Met Nigerian Man, 32, Online Needs Advice

I have been chatting with a Nigerian man since August 2017
I have met his family online and have also spoken to his fathers asking him if his son is married he
Assured me he is not and said I have daughters and would not
Like for someone to lie to his daughters .
My man was in Sri Lanka playing football and I travelled there to meet
Him for the first time which turned out to be amazing.
He is the most caring beautiful sole and he has since flown back to Nigeria
To be with his family for Christmas.
He has invited me to his brothers wedding this August
And am thinking to fly over but am scared .
We are both starting to talk about marriage and me possibly
Living in Nigeria .
Because of all the negative comments I read on forums
I still have my guard up the only thing that worries me is I’m 50 and he is 32 any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Elizabeth writes from Melbourne, Victoria Australia.

7 thoughts on “50 Year Old Australian Woman Who Met Nigerian Man, 32, Online Seeks Advice

  1. Dont bother woman that guy is not for real. At age 50 you have no other benefit than to be supplying him money. I suggest you quite the relationship now

  2. A critical decision to take on this. May be he wants your influence to promote his football career. Some may be real, most especially making move 4 you to settle in his country home. Discuss further with him on children. Ensure you visit his village to see his kinsmen before any Court marriage sets in.

  3. @ boboye Israel you are a fool may God pornish you for your useless advice. According to d lady, she said she has visited her fiance where he played ball before he comes back to Nigeria. Which means dis lady knows him one on one not just online, but her problem is what she’s have heard about d inscuriity in Nigeria. And you fool Now adivicing him on d relationship which has already confirmed to be geniue by talking to d family members of her fiance.

  4. Elizabeth please be careful. Not all Nigerians are bad. However, please do not fall a victimm. Most of them are very intelligent and know how to sweet talk and manipulate women. Please be careful.

  5. Dating a man young enough to be your son is making a fool of yourself. He’ll end up sleeping with your daughters that are probably in his age group. First, his family members are not looking out for you, their loyalty lies with their son. Besides, what parent in their right mind wants their 32 year old son to marry a 50 year old woman unless she’s loaded with money or can give him citizenship of a foreign country? He knows that you cannot live in Nigeria and will soon insist on returning to your country, then he will go live there with you until he gets his citizenship and dumps you for a younger woman. I wonder why women allow themselves to be ridiculed by dating toy boys. He has nothing to offer you and anyone can pretend to be in love. He probably has a wife and children who’s also pretending to be a family member and chatting with you and encouraging you. Even a 70 year old is looking for an immigrant visa to escape the hell on earth called Nigeria. Use your brains and intuition, not what he’s giving you between his pants. Good luck.

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