Ayo Adesanya Gives Up On Marriage At Age 45 “I’m Not Looking For Husband Or Boyfriend”

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January 15, 2014 – Ayo Adesanya Gives Up On Marriage At Age 45 “I’m Not Looking For Husband Or Boyfriend”

Beautiful Nigerian actress Ayo Adesanya has given up all hope on marriage years after her marriage collapsed.

The actress who married movie producer Goriola Hassan got divorced by him over what he termed infidelity.

In a recent interview with City People, the mother of one said she is no more looking for a man. However, she said it will only take God’s intervention for her to remarry again at age 45.

Marriage entails a lot of sacrifice but between you and me, I am going to be myself because I am very unique. I am not looking for a boyfriend nor a husband but if God says I will remarry, I will remain the same person I have always been. I won’t change for anything, you will marry me the way I am. I don’t think I can still marry again but if God says this person is right for me, why not, I will go with him.” – Ayo Adesanya told city people

Age no dey her side at all…

9 thoughts on “Ayo Adesanya Gives Up On Marriage At Age 45 “I’m Not Looking For Husband Or Boyfriend”

  1. madam pls don’t give up except if u want to service politicians till u die.
    Find a man even it there is no marriage committment

  2. Where someone’s love ends is where another person’s love begins. Ayo Adesanya, I’ve admired you from a distance and had a crush on you in a very long long time, particularly I’m crazy about the look in your beautiful eyes. I watched silently praying you never reconcile with the brutt Hassan so that I can have the opportunity to propose to you. If you don’t mind Ayo; I’m in love with you, can you pls give me a chance cos am very serious.

  3. Pls aunty ayo dont giv up marriage is up & down but wt prayer, patience, u wl have victory at d end u wl have joy. im using mine story to testify i see a lot of trial & tribulation in my home but now, i thank d Lord for givin me victory to them all, glory honour unto Jesus, my advice for u is to look unto d lord d author & d finisher of ur life, his name wl be glorify in ur life.Amen &Amen

  4. tough decision but sincere talk..well.a mature understanding dude may be lurking around the corner though that all that glitters may never be gold.wish u luck

  5. Mayb Her Stuff is tired of receiving stufff nd dats y she isnt ready for marriage yet but i think masturbation will do d work

  6. I can just feel an uncomfort
    on dis woman even wit all d
    money fame and personality
    My Dear
    just keep praying dat God knows
    d reason y
    bcos we all know talking is cheap
    but maintaining it is harder
    so all d best sincerely
    my dear

  7. from what l ve read, it seemed what this woman need is confederation marriage. there is no marriage that u can eat your cake and ve it at the same time. of course that is no marriage. so Confederate…

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