Black & Beautiful Nollywood Actress Abimbola Ogunnowo Opens Skin Bleaching Shop In Lagos


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April 11, 2016 – Nollywood Yoruba Actress Abimbola Ogunnowo Reveals Beauty Secret, Talks Motherhood

Black & Beautiful Nollywood Yoruba Actress Abimbola Ogunnowo Opens Skin Bleaching Shop In Lagos

The former black and beauty who has suddenly turned white has revealed the secret of her glowing skin.

In this exclusive chat with The entertainer, Ogunnowo narrated how she joined Nollywood, the secret of her beauty and many others.

See excerpts..

How did you come into acting?

That was when I met Femi Branch. I told him I wanted to join a theater group but he advised that I should first produce a movie which I did in 2009 and overnight, Bimbo Ogunnowo became a household name in the industry and today the rest is history.

Has motherhood changed anything about you?

Motherhood has really changed a lot about me. I can say I am more mature now because I know I have a daughter looking up to me as her role model. However, ever since I gave birth, I have added weight and I’m not find­ing it easy (laughter).

Well, I would say it’s not been easy at all. Sometimes I forget things because I want the best for my daughter, I want my child to enjoy me to the fullest. Anytime Im am off to location for days I make sure she’s in proper care but I must confess that it’s not an easy task.

You have a glowing skin, what is your beauty secret?

My number one beauty secret is water; I drink water a lot especially in the morning, I don’t joke with tomatoes too. I use the best skin maintenance cream in the business.

She is the owner of Xtreme Beauty palace, a skin bleaching shop in Lagos.