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British Intelligence Service Proposed 3000 Pounds UK Visa Bond To Prevent Nigerians From Entering Britain – Report

british 3000 pounds visa bond nigeria

Sept 2nd, 2013 – British Intelligence Service Proposed 3000 Pounds UK Visa Bond To Prevent Nigerians From Entering Britain – Report

By UDUMA KALU, Vanguard

A report from a United Kingdom based journal, University World News, has said the £3,000 visa pilot scheme against Nigeria was proposed by the British intelligence service, MI6 and British police headquarters at Scotland Yard.

The new UK visa scheme will impose £3,000 (US$4,740) in charges on unspecified visa applicants thought to be ‘high risk visitors’ from Nigeria, Ghana, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

The Nigerian government has threatened retaliatory measures if London goes ahead with the ‘refundable’ but unpopular visa bond.

The report said there was palpable anger and disappointment among Nigerians who have gained admission into British universities for the upcoming academic session.

Students already in UK institutions are also unhappy about a new ‘visa bond’ scheme to be implemented against ‘high risk’ visitors by the David Cameron’s administration.

As a precautionary measure, many parents have instructed Nigerian banks to suspend, for now, sending tuition and accommodation fees to British universities, the report noted.

The report written by Professor Tunde Fatunde, a Nigerian scholar quoted diplomatic sources in Abuja, as saying that both the M16 and the

Scotland Yard, are reportedly worried that some foreign students who apply for visas to study in British universities have developed, in their home countries, ideas and determination to commit terrorism on British soil.

The report said, the visa bond is believed to be a subtle way of ensuring that students who are labelled as ‘high risk’ know that they will be targets of intelligence surveillance while they are studying at British universities.

It quoted a diplomat, who did not want to be named, as saying that Ghana was included on the ‘high risk’ country list because its airport and seaports were thought to be avenues for Latin American drug cartels who use some Ghanian students as drug couriers.

The same diplomat said some students from Nigeria, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh had been involved in terrorism in Britain.

He cited the examples of Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab, a Nigerian and former student of University College London, who tried to blow up an American plane in December 2009, and student Michael Adebolajo, a Nigerian-born Briton, who recently hacked a British soldier to death.

“The British government is convinced that the use of visa bond may go a long way to make Britain safe,” the diplomat said.

The diplomat also revealed that the visa bonds would be extended to some non-students thought to be high risk and hinted that British embassies might collaborate with local intelligence services in collecting evidence on some visa applicants.



  1. Maduba Ikeachi

    September 2, 2013 at 4:44 AM

    Why can’t Nigerians stay in their country to develop it? I see more insults and limitation heading ur way

  2. Kute

    September 2, 2013 at 6:14 AM

    All the example you gave did not hold any water because even due the British government wants to make the VISA BOND 10,000pounds people like Abdumuluttalab father can afford it. The guys that killed British solider is not from Nigeria but a decedent of Nigeria, this is 2 different thing. suppose he was born and raised in Nigeria he will not have such culture. No Nigeria will leave Nigeria to Abroad and join such act because he known where he is coming from.
    I stand here to to anybody that want to listen that that BOND fee is visa is guaranty more Nigeria will leave that country. That money is about 75 to 800k and most of us have wasted about 2million and in visa issue that we did not get.
    Please God give us patient to wait but let British government be in hurry to implement such

  3. PA

    September 2, 2013 at 10:36 AM

    Point of correction. Michael Adebaljo was born and bred in UK. He was radicalises to a terrorist right here in Uk. He has never travelled to Nigeria in his life before. The only links he has with Nigeria are his parents. The government is looking for excuse to target Africans living in Britain. Eastern Europeans are coming so somebody has to take the blame for unemployment’ housing’ inadequate health service etc.. If only we can get our act together, otherwise Nigeria is far better than Uk.

  4. patoya

    September 2, 2013 at 11:03 AM

    They are only doing this to reap us all off and nothing more. This people think we are cash cows. They are now taking us as mugs to be milked. There is nothing here anymore. UK government is broke! There are other countries you can go to study . I advise potential students to go there.At least over there you will be allowed to work part time to help with your school fees unlike here in the UK.Go to Canada, USA, Australia etc.

  5. Anipeagbo

    September 2, 2013 at 4:28 PM

    The bond fee is just to discourage Nigerians from visiting the U.K. The issue of Adebolajo and Farouk are not relevant in this case. Farouk’s dad warned that the boy should not be issued a visa but the embassy did not listen. Also, Adebolajo was born and brought up in the UK, so he has imbibed there culture where parents are afraid scold or chastised their kids way without being arrested. So Adebolajo is a UK problem not Nigeria. Even, majority of the british kids lacks manners, they do not respect their parents. The crime they also commit as young as 14 years old stabbing another, bullying themselves that have driven so many young children to their early graves are caused by the laws and policies of allowing their kids too much freedom. So the UK just trying to discourage Nigerians from visiting the UK. We have culture that any child born and brought up in Nigeria will be well behaved anywhere they go. I am not saying there are no bad ones, but, it is better compared to children that are born and trained in the UK.

  6. amingo

    September 2, 2013 at 9:42 PM

    May God help Nigeria,why are we pple leaving our country?it is high time for our leaders to sit tight and reason well! Even here in doha dey treated us like goat so what are we now talking about,all I’m pleading is change of government!we need gud leaders gud pple.1 love to my gud fellow Nigerian

  7. Ozone Baba

    September 2, 2013 at 11:25 PM

    D British are now trying to protect their dear country from criminals by increasing d money for visa into their lovely country. D case is not lyk that in Naija. D Nigerian boarders are so porous for d criminals frm oda countries to enter. our security system is too weak most especially in d Northern part of Nigeria. D criminals frm neighbourin country lyk NIGER are too much in d Northern Nigeria. D so called Northerners accepted dem into dis country in d name of practicing dsame religion in d Norther. D Northerners also used dis criminals frm NIGER to inflate dia population in d North. Dis criminals have been severally used for political thugs. I wish Nigerian government to depot dis people back to their country home called NIGER, dey are too much in Kaduna and Kano for God sake.

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