Buhari Orders Jonathan To Return Looted Money To Nigeria’s Treasury, GEJ Begs PMB For Leniency

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August 10, 2015 – Buhari Orders Jonathan To Return Stolen Funds To Nigeria’s Treasury, GEJ Begs PMB For Leniency

Presidency sources claimed that Ex-President Abdulsalami Abubakar was the facilitator of Buhari’s secret meeting with his predecessor, Jonathan on Thursday.

The meeting that held at Aso Rock on Thursday was made possible because of the Peace Deal agreement Buhari signed with Jonathan in the presence of the 2015 Elections Peace Committee.

During the meeting, GEJ reportedly sought for an understanding of the alleged corrupt practices and mismanagement of funds that happened under his administration.

An anonymous source at the meeting said GEJ claimed that he’s hearing about it for the first time but Buhari was said to have insisted that all the money looted under his administration must be returned to Nigeria’s treasury.

He also restated his pledge that Jonathan had nothing to fear at all, according to a source who pleaded not to be named because of the “sensitivity” of the matter.

Buhari, it was gathered, restated his pledge that Jonathan had nothing to fear. But he said there was no going back on the recovery of looted funds.

He said whatever steps or actions the President intends to take; it should be within the framework of the peace accord the two leaders signed. Obviously, he wanted soft landing.

“He also pledged to cooperate with Buhari as much as possible on all steps he is going to take.”

There were indications last night that ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo’s visit to Buhari was part of moves to “offer advice” to the President on the issues raised by Jonathan.

13 thoughts on “Buhari Orders Jonathan To Return Looted Money To Nigeria’s Treasury, GEJ Begs PMB For Leniency

  1. Mr president is not bias as many Nigerians thought n also believed, If Mr president wants to probe at all, he should please start from the previous administration (1999-2015) so as not to caused unwanted controversy. Ewa Jn

  2. I’ve said it before that jonathan must have full coperation with the nation on the issue of corruption to make the tasks easy in recovering the looted fund and he himself will have a free of mind and enjoy the value of human which is valuable than that of money talkless of looted money…….mr jonathan come out for revelations instead of begging!

    • I will like to used this opportunity to beg president buhari to take this matter very very serious with this looters not to forgive any of them at all.They cause allot of problem to the citizen of this country Nigeria both home and abroad. even water for their citizen to drink they could not provide for anyone. God will help you and your minister to do the right things in the country in Jesus name amen.

  3. Remove what is in ur eyes 1st so u can see other peoples own clearly, moreover charity begins at home, start probing ur sponsors, they are criminals and if u failed to do that it means that u are insincere.

  4. Corruption will not kill nigeria in Jesus name! Thank u mr. President for ur timely intervention. Don’t show mercy on any corrupt politician, let all the aspiring politicians know that it won’t be business as usual. May God grant u more wisdom to move this nation to a greater height in Jesus mighty name.

  5. buhari please lock jonathan in maximun prison he need to be in a hole for a while…mumu man….they steal to much

  6. PMB is a gift to all suffering Nigerian people that were born into wealth but are presently living like slaves in their country and other parts of the world. The powerful and highly corrupt elites in Nigeria tried hard to kill him and stop him from being sworn in has our president after the March 28 election victory. But because when God Almighty is for someone, who can be against him; PMB was sworn on May 29 by the grace of God. His excellency, President Muhammad Buhari, you should from now build up a strong security team for himself, your vice,and your families so as to lead Nigeria to the promise land. No careless handshakes with crowd any more because your life is most important for you to deliver the dividend of democracy to millions of suffering Nigerian people. Mr. President should work close door with President Jonathan to retrieve back billions of dollars stolen in his personal accounts. PMB should probe those that have looted our country to bankruptcy with no leniency, but president Jonathan should never be disgrace publicly if he is willing and ready to return billions dtolen in his and wife accounts. To PMB, vice president and those that truly love Nigeria and her people, criminal Nigerian elites with billions of dollars worth of assets from oil blocks allocations, embezzlement of public funds,corruption and drug cartels are not happy with PMB right now, and these crooks will do anything to stop him from restoring Nigeria back on the right paths of accountability, good governance, security, economic stability and corruption free government. God forbid, they will set PMB assassination up as Boko Haram brutal murder. president Buhari, please increase your security with people you really trust, don’t eat any how even in Aso Rock, don’t mingle carelessly with crowded public, and bring back capable EFCC like that of Ribadu to probe, retrieve, and recover billions of dollars from criminal and heartless Nigerian politicians. Your life is the most important asset that Nigeria need for you to keep all your campaign promises, please keep it with everything you have. Don’t underestimate your vice, God Almighty in His divine plan for Nigeria future and for your success gave you His true servant-Professor Yemi Osinbajo. Sir, work with him with an open mind, you will be very successful in your government. He will never disappoint your for any reason-be it tribal, religious or political reasons. Wishing success in all your undertaking.

  7. Vry gud of u Omo Kehinde & ur Taye as wel. I do like ur comments 100% pls, keep on writting, Jah bless U.

  8. God bless you and uphold you to the end, Gen. President Buhari. As for those useless Jonathan sympathizers, what benefit did you gain from his administration? Maybe the suffering that he subjected most Nigerians to is what they truly deserve (and I mean deserve, rather than deserved). Are you not happy that sanity is gradually being restored? Little things taken for granted such as uninterrupted electricity etc? Think of all those lives that died in hospitals due to lack of power to operate necessary life-saving equipments? They are now relocating abroad to enjoy their stolen wealth. He can only start probing from the administration that handed over to him an empty treasury… does that make sense Mr Ewa, Jammon or whatever you call yourselves?. May Almighty God help Mr President achieve his mission for Nigeria. Long live the Federal Republic Of Nigeria, minus those that looted our country, may their lives and those that benefited from their ill-gotten wealth be abruptly cut short, Amen, Amen and Amen. Ameen, insha Allah.

  9. When the message of probing reached Diezeni Madueke, she was jittery and quickly agreed to return $250 million dollars equivalent to our #50 billion Naira. This is just a fractional part of what she had stolen. Think about what this woman will have in her private account. How do you think this money will get back to our treasury without probing or treat to probe. As for those people who are criticizing negatively that Buhari should start probing from 1999, it seems you are not being realistic. The people that stole under Jonathan did it in a reckless and inconsiderate manner. The reason why I said that is probing from 1999 will require a lot of resources in terms of money and manpower. We going to spend a great lot of money to recover some few stolen Naira which we do not have now. Plus the case may go on and on. The prosecutors,the law enforcement officers, the judges will require a great deal amount of money for successful prosecution. Bottom line is, let President Buhari take whatever approach that is best for him in recovering our stolen money. Another example why is not possible to go on mass probing is when a police or a VIO stop you on a highway for speeding, if 6 of you are driving 80 miles per hour where the speed limit is 55mph, do you think that police officer can stop all of you at the same time? Only one aggressive driver will serve as a deterrent for others. We will never fight corruption if we are thinking primitively. We should rather rally behind this man and focus our attention on what we can do in a short time to get back to our previous status.

  10. PMB should take the issue of corruption with all the seriousness it deserve without fear or favour. May God help him on this direction ameen.

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