Bukky Wright Reveals Beauty & Weight Loss Secret, Denies Being A Grandmother

bukky wright beauty secret

Feb 26, 2017 – Bukky Wright Reveals Beauty & Weight Loss Secret, Denies Being A Grandmother

Excerpts from Nollywood actress Bukky Ajoke Wright’s recent interview with The Entertainer.

What fashion accessories can’t you do without?

Right now as a praying Muslim, my cap comes first, then, my jewelry.

What’s your beauty regimen?

When I tell people my little beauty secrets they sometimes don’t believe me. They think it’s all a joke. But to be candid my body cream is simply Shea butter, what is commonly called ori. It’s so funny.
A lot of people find it very difficult to believe, but my major beauty routine is my Shea butter.

We learnt you are a grandmother and you’re still this ageless, what’s the secret?

That grand mum thing people are talking about, yes, I’m a grand mum but not biologically. At the same time, I remain very grateful to God for my youthfulness. My first son is 24 and I think it’s just the grace of God.
bukky wright weight loss diet

If I say there’s anything I have been doing in particular, I will only be deceiving myself.
I see a lot of older people like Arabel, (Sherifah Andu), Magistrate Memunat Folami, Mrs Muraino, and Shade Alesh and when you see these people, you will know what I mean.
They still look trendy and these are people I always look up to. I’m very careful with what I apply on my skin and what I eat. I exercise and I try to rest at any opportunity.

Could you elaborate on your diet?

Those days, I loved cold eba and vegetable soup but for some reasons I had to drop it because of my health. It’s not very healthy. Right now, my favourite food is oatmeal. You can make it into porridge and you can make it a swallow; it’s very good to eat with soup and healthy.

You were quite picky about the roles you played, are you still that way?

I believe when you get to a certain stage in a particular industry, there are some jobs or roles you don’t want your name to be associated with, so I’m very careful about the movies I appear in and especially the script I take.

For the record, Bukky Wright is 49 year old. She was born on the 31st of March 1967.

She is looking really good for her age.

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