Caleb University Allegedly Maltreating Students

Caleb University Nigeria

Oct 31st, 2011 – Caleb University Allegedly Maltreating Students

Caleb University in Nigeria ranked among the best private universities around. But if feelers at our disposal are anything to go by, the tertiary institution that charges each student N505,000 per session is nothing but a money making venture established by its owner, Prince Oladega Adebogun, who is also chairman of First City Global Insurance Brokers Ltd , to make money but cares less about the welfare of the students.

According to a source who disclosed to us the inhuman treatment faced by the students despite the huge amount of money being charged by the management of the institution, the service offered is nothing to write home about, and definitely not commensurate to the money being paid as fees.

The source said the institution that always wants its students to look decent in their suits and claims to teach them morals, is conducive for learning. We learnt that the water supply system in the institution is nothing to write home about because the students always go through great stress on a daily basis to get water to bath and do their normal daily chores.

The issue of electricity is another sore point on the campus of Caleb University, as the students are said to always go to bed without light nearly everyday, which makes it difficult for them to study at night.

Not only these. Despite the fact that each student pays more than N100,000 for accommodation, the school authority, instead to providing spacious space that can accommodate two people in a room, the students are packed five in a room while the main lecture hall is said not to have good ventilation, with insects seen all over the campus.

The institution’s management is said to be so brutal to the students, to the extent that the students are not allowed to form student union government and any attempt to form one may lead to outright expulsion.(Global News Ng)

15 thoughts on “Caleb University Allegedly Maltreating Students

  1. Big money wont buy u quality knowledge.i rather go to a govt. Skul rather than waste money in all these secondary-uni

  2. as far as am concerned, my skul, caleb university is the best…and whoeveru are all i have to say to u is God bless u

    • We all no the truth! Call a spade a spade! This article isn’t to destroy the image of the school but to pass a message across to the owner that he has a lot of work to be done orelse this would keep happening to him and his school. Its for the benefit of all students for this to be an eye opener for the man. There’s no need for you to say its a lie and all that’s written isn’t the truth. I understand ur patriotism for your school but you should also be realistic. Every student there needs to get quality delivery for their pay. Its your institutional right.

      • Mr John, so u think addressing this issue here is the best, if u in to sort out some problem for the students or talking on their behalf, it is then better for you to come over to Caleb University, and have discussion with its owner. Cause posting shit here, is a waste of time.

  3. What a great observation and comments. That “university that ranks among the best private university around” would need to work on some things. Anyway, trying to have a perfect institution might be a mirage. I hope that schl would just focus on its mission and do more of what makes it rank among the best around. My half sister in a prime univ in one of W.A. country down home was also complaining that the schl rules are tight. Maybe one of those things.

  4. It’s true! I’m a student of Caleb and there a riot going on right now due to their stupid rules!

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