Chaos As Girl Wakes Up During Burial At Warri Cemetery In Delta State

girl wakes up burial warri cemetery

Oct 12, 2016 – Chaos As Pregnant Girl Wakes Up During Funeral At Warri Cemetery In Delta State

Pandemonium broke out in Warri Delta State yesterday when a 15-year-old girl suddenly woke up during her funeral at Warri Cemetery in Delta state.

The girl whose name couldn’t be ascertained as at the time of this report woke up around 5am yesterday.

The pregnant girl reportedly went into a deep sleep after taking an abortion concoction at Warri Motor Park yesterday.

When people suspected she had died, they wrapped her in a mat and headed for the cemetery.

On getting to the cemetery, they dug her grave and placed her remains in the grave.

As they were about covering her withsand,  the girl suddenly sneezed and jumped out of the grave and started shouting.

Consequently, there was pandemonium within and outside the cemetery as people thronged to the cemetery to catch a glimpse of the resurrected girl.

She was immediately rushed to a church in the area for deliverance.

Attempt by policemen to arrest her was rebuffed as sympathisers told police it was a spiritual case.

The girl is currently at Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry in Effurun Delta State.

25 thoughts on “Chaos As Girl Wakes Up During Burial At Warri Cemetery In Delta State

  1. What’s spiritual here, she took an abortion pill and fell into coma. People need to be very sure one is dead before digging their grave and she should thank God she didn’t die even after killing an innocent child. Repent and change ur ways

    • i so much agree with you. people dont understand the state of being in coma.
      well im not shocked because we dont have heart monitor rating machine yet in nigeria. but thank GOD for her sha

  2. Africa and their stupid mentality…is church the first and rightful place to take a girl that just came out of coma to?

  3. she should have been taken to the hospital in the first place after the deep sleep and after she woke up. Not church. Wow. this is 2016 FFS.

  4. Many people had been buried alive cos of carelessness in that Country.
    Thank GOD for HIS quick intervention in this.

  5. Instead of them to take her to the clinic they prefer going to the church claiming it is a spiritual thing. lgnorance is really a disease and this has destroyed so many lives, too bad.

  6. This is difficult to believe. Is it customary to bury an unknown person who dies suddenly without first making effort to know her identity and trace her people? AND, is it not a police matter to just bury a dead stranger without any report to the police?
    How did the resurrected girl rise up and breathe and shout when she was all wrapped up and tied as seen in the picture above.
    If this story is true, it’s resemblance of a lie is too strong so I’ll hesitate to believe it.

  7. A second chance. Girl, Not everyone that died before you had the opportunity. So repent and change your life for good this time around. Make your life real, make it count.

    I take a stroll…

  8. Warri no dey carry last, even at the age of 15..police probably looking to make money out of the family by arresting the wonder girl.

  9. all fake but yet people should confirm one is dead before doing stupid things.
    police sef wanted to arrest her. na wa for this country oooh

  10. This incident here is clear demonstration of the level of indoctrination that has pervades out communities. As observed by some commenters here the first action should have been to go for medical intervention to ascertain her state of health and try to reverse any complication that might have occurred while she tried to abort the pregnancy.Also some have stylishly avoid to condemn the act of taking the girl to the church when clearly it is dangerous for the girl at that very moment. i shudder at the extent to which these religions have taken over most people’s faculty and have lost powers of reasoning. This is part of the reason why the nation is loosing out on all fronts,no critical thinking many can’t discern when they are being manipulated and so lives have been destroyed by the type of mindset display in this incident.I think police just want to investigate to see who administer the abortion pills and find the culprit.
    Where are the so called NGOs ?i hope she get the right medical attention fast.

  11. Thank God I am not the only one thinking why a 15 year old should be pregnant in the first instance and nobody is raising an eyebrow as to the degree of moral decadence in our society. Her family probably threw her out the moment they realized that she was pregnant, hence her being buried by strangers. People should be taken to the hospital to get examined as to if their vital organs are still active, instead of digging graves and burying persons not actually dead, but then, who pays the hospital bill? Thank God for her life and giving her another chance. Daughter of Zion, go and sin no more.

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