Chiamaka Glory Baby Boy Photo: See The Handsome Son Arlindo De Freitas’s Late Wife Left Behind


chiamaka glory cause of death

March 30, 2017 – Chiamaka Glory Baby Boy, Son Picture: See The Handsome Boy Arlindo De Freitas’s Late Wife Left Behind

See the adorable Prince late Chiamaka Glory left behind last Friday the 24th of March 2017.

chiamaka glory baby boy photo

24-year-old Chiamaka died hours after she underwent a life-saving c-section at a Medical center in Onigbongbo area of Lagos.

Though her 60-year-old Portuguese husband blamed the hospital for her death, the management of the hospital has revealed the event that led to her death and how her husband was partly behind her untimely death.

Read the official press statement from the hospital here.

May her soul rest in peace (amen).

4 thoughts on “Chiamaka Glory Baby Boy Photo: See The Handsome Son Arlindo De Freitas’s Late Wife Left Behind

  1. What a beautiful new born! May God be with you as you grow up into adulthood. The medical team in that hospital are only scrambling to rid themselves off from any bad reputation the death of this beautiful young lady could bring them. The life of this young mother could have being spared if only the necessary medication, medical instruments and close monitoring were applied. Operating on someone without the proper guidance from a simple Xray or other machinery equipment to track any further complications locking in the body can prove far riskier and dangerous during surgery. Though issue of operation on any patient is 50, 50 and am not a surgeon either,but from the explanation given by the management of the hospital, I still believe more could have been done to help save this woman’s life. Casting blame on the husband at this time does nothing other than reveal more of their staffs inefficiency,incompetency and dark side of the hospital. I will advise them to further upgrade their surgical equipments if they have any and try hard to improve in their mode of operation in the surgery unit or in the operating theater room so as to prevent any further lose of life.

  2. Wow what a cute baby. The joy of every mother who have gone into a 9months course is to be alive to take care of their baby or babies. But, its a pity chiamaka left this world, rip. May God protect and guide the baby.

  3. I understand the husband not only gave Chiamaka whiskey but also coca meaning cocaine. This combination of alcohol and drugs would have killed instantly by making her heart to stop. Meanwhile the doctors were trying to save her life not knowing that her distress and all the signs of her illness were due to the whiskey and cocaine.

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