Child Labour: See Kids Working At Anglican Church Construction Site In Port Harcourt Rivers State

kids construction anglican church

Dec 1st, 2014 – Child Labour Photos: See Kids Working At Anglican Church Construction Site In Trans Amadi Port Harcourt Rivers State

Port Harcourt-based radio presenter Mistah Juix took to Twitter few hours ago to share these heartbreaking photos of some young boys working at a building owned by Anglican Church under construction in Trans Amadi area of Port Harcourt.

The boys were spotted climbing the building with no safety equipment.

See another photo below:

When kids have parents who can’t afford to feed them, what do you expect such kids to do??? Hustle of course.

May God protect them.

5 thoughts on “Child Labour: See Kids Working At Anglican Church Construction Site In Port Harcourt Rivers State

  1. You people, this so called child labour should be given a good glance unlike prejudging issues be your mind is settled. My point is that in Africa this is how we groom our young ones.

    if you trace it very careful you will find that this boy on the picture seem to be interested with what he is doing and he is willing to learn and wants to be a full time bricklayer.

    Not everyone will be taught in a class NO, this is another way of training these young boys, so that in future they sustain their lives.

    Remember it is not only education that can make be come somebody in life, but is through this kind of training.

    Mark my words.

  2. There is nothing heartbreaking in the picture, this is Africa! Kids of their age are known to sell fresh fruits and foods to help their unfortunate parents. Stop being WHITE! Even in America kids are used (compulsorily) to sell sweet and biscuits to raise funds for their schools. Their parents are completely handicapped by poverty and idleness is not the next option. The Egusi
    We all eat are processed by under-age children in south-west, I was happy to be part of it.

  3. This is very dangerous but i can bet you 80% of us grew up doing one of these types of dangerous works, Such is africa

  4. Very very dangerous for a boy of that age should climb so high in the name of learning, but there is nothing bad in learning at a young age..but not to risk a young child life because you are training him or her

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