Chrislam Movement: One World Religion Emerging


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March 19, 2012 – Chrislam Movement: One World Religion Emerging

To those who are not aware of it  there is a dialogue committee already set up with the aim of combining Christianity and Islam religion.

This is one of the most ridiculous religion of all times.

Guess what, some missionaries are already buying into this nonsense.

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Video News On Chrislam By Jack Van Impe




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What is Chrislam and Who Preaches It?

Are Christianity and Islam about to merge in to a worldwide mega-religion called Chrislam?

Popular TV preacher Jack Van Impe recently ended his decades-long run on Trinity Broadcasting Network after he publicly accused California megachurch founder Rick Warren of mixing Christian and Muslim beliefs. TBN pulled the episode before a repeat broadcast could air — prompting Impe to announce he could no longer work with TBN.

Van Impe and his co-host wife, Rexella, cited Warren’s speech to an Islamic conference in Washington in 2009 and Warren’s invocation at President Obama’s inaguration that invoked the name of Jesus in several languages. They claimed Warren said churches can attract new believers by taking crosses down from inside and outside their buildings.

Warren, however, has said exactly the opposite: “If you remove the cross from the church, it’s no longer the church. Just a social club.”

Is Chrislam the religion of the future? Science-fiction author Arthur C. Clarke, who wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey, may have been the first to coin the term — as a futuristic religion he imagined.