Christ Embassy Divorce: Nigerians Blame Pastor Chris Oyakhilome For Marrying A ‘White Woman’

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September 1st, 2014 – Pastor Anita Oyakhilome Not White: She’s Mixed & Was Born To Swiss Mother & Nigerian Father From Uromi, Edo State

Christ Embassy Divorce: Nigerians Blames Pastor Chris Oyakhilome For Marrying A ‘White Woman”

Since their divorce news broke last week, many Nigerians have blamed Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for marrying a white woman when there are suitable Nigerian women out there ready for marriage.

Unknown to many, the woman at center of the divorce drama is a Nigerian like them. Anita was born to a Nigerian-father from Edo State.
anita oyakhilome white
To cool down the ongoing rumour about Anita’s race, she is a Swiss-Nigerian who doesn’t joke with her look.

Her mother is Swiss while her father is a Nigerian from Uromi town in Edo state.

Anita and Chris Oyakhilome are both from Edo state so they both share a common origin.

She is the 1st daughter of a family of five. Her dad is a wealthy man, the former MD of Nigerian Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), John Ebhodaghe (OFR).

Anita Oyakhilome graduated from Ambrose Alli University in Ekpoma with a degree in English.

She has written so many spiritual and self-help books such as Confession for Living, Handbook for Successful Living, Unending Springs of Joy and many others.

Anita married Pastor Chris over 23 years ago in Lagos state Nigeria and the couple has 2 lovely daughters, Charlyn and Sharon.

Before quitting her marriage to Pastor Chris, she was the Director of Christ Embassy’s International Office and the overseer of the United Kingdom region and beyond.

Anita is one of the co-founder of Believer Love World campus ministry now Christ Embassy.

As we speak, the church has removed all her information and pictures from the church’s website.

An average Nigerian will think Anita is a white woman until you hear her speak.

Many Nigerians are blaming the founder of Christ Embassy for shunning all potential ‘good wives’ in Nigeria for a white woman because of Anita’s Swiss root.

Anita & Chris are high school sweethearts so why is he at fault for marrying her? Hope they settle soon for the sake of their beautiful daughters.

31 thoughts on “Christ Embassy Divorce: Nigerians Blame Pastor Chris Oyakhilome For Marrying A ‘White Woman’

  1. What is hidden to men is known to God
    Nobody knows why he married her so let’s stop the false assumption

  2. She shuld hv just allowed d christ like in her to supercede as somebody dat hv seen, heard, and preached d gospel. She shuld for d sake of God quietly walked away, and allow God do the reconciliaton and repair of the marriage, instead she chose scandals at d perils of her beautiful home

    • Your so ****. She obviously did walk away quietly, did she speak on the matter. You can’t blame her for the marriage not working out, it takes to. And as I’ve heard, the only one speaking out of turn is Pastor Chris. Go get an education ****.

  3. What is this, i am hearing about Anita Oyakhilome,seeking for a divorce from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome,her husband and the general overseer of Christ Embassy church?
    I am maniacally bewildered by this odoriferous gargantuan saga,causing crinkum crankum and higi haga in Christ Embassy church.
    The ship,called Christ Embassy,could be sailing on a hazardous aqua,full of canyons,boulders,cataracts and ox bow lakes,if lucifer does not vamooze from the ship

    • You was go school inside well. You was speak like dat man wey be from Edo state. Was two both of you went to school together?

    • who told you he wanted her forgiveness? what role to you give to him in all of this. what women in her right mind would chose to walk away from the father of her children, her husband, that prestige if he was even in small part giving her what she needed? don’t be afraid to use the breain God gave you.

  4. This is the problem we men have!! Normally most beautiful women are rude and authoritative. When we men start dating this women, we see some of these element of nasty behaviors in them but because of the physical beauty, we over look these things and when we remember how our friends use to
    Envy us because of our beautiful woman, we don’t want to let go.
    I know its bad for a man to cheat on his wife, but even if it does happen doesn’t warrant the woman to file for divorce.. now there is money in the family, she already has children and she doesn’t want to be under a man any longer.

    • my friend dont be so daft to pass such judgement……. anita ws rich bfor meeting chris….. most of chris achievements today are bcos of anita strong support as a wife……… she must hv passed tru hell bfor decising to leave.. she myt ve seen what u will neva bliv wen she tells d story….. lets wait and we will hear d full gist lata

    • so its you that decides whether a woman should stay or go in a marriage? if she cheated on him, would it warrant him filing for divorce? yeah, i thought so.

  5. This will tell us that this relationship has been on the Rock for so long now and were pretending to be the best God help them

  6. Oh Lord, Let the matter be settle in jesus name, No matter the issue maybe, Lord revael yourself in their family in jesus name(AMEN).

    • You are lucky that Christianity is not Islam nor Buddhism. You would have face the music and face death sentence for writing JESUS CHRIST name in small letters. Take correction now and apologize to Christians all over the world. Go and sin no more

  7. Anita was rich before she met Pastor Chris and I just wonder why people are asking her to stay in a marriage and continue to suffer emotional and psychological stress all because of xtianity. Pastor Chris Ministry support separation and that is not biblical.Most of his Pastors and their wives are encouraged to be living separately.

  8. @lilly if they ask u to swear with ur life that Pastor Chris actually cheated on her would u do that? Stop saying what u don’t know! Don’t just jump into conclusion that he was cheating on his wife, u don’t even know the implication of what u just said. They have been 2geda for years and nobody has ever accused the man of God of being unfaithful in marriage, this is the handiwork of the devil. It happened to American popular pastor, pst. Benny Hinn. Instead pray 4 them and encourage the members not to compromise their faith as a result of this present challenges.

  9. There will never be anything good from a white-painted tomb. My worry for Nigerian Christians is that the more they try to prove that they know, the more they expose their deep level of ignorance. The question is: Does the Bible support divorce? = NO. But does the same Bible permit it? = YES, And thats only on ONE condition: “ADULTERY”.

    That mr or mrs A have accepted to endors adultery as part of the game does not mean that mr or mrs B should do same. ADULTERY IS A DEADLY SIN IN THE SAME PAR WITH MURDER, WITCHCRAFT, AND IS A BLATANT VIOLATION OF THE CORE SUBSTANCE OF THE GOSPEL, IT IS DEADLY AND MORE CONTAGIOUS THAN EBOLA VIRUS.

    That some foolish and ignorant professors in the Christendom should open their mouth in defend of adultery case is, before-hand, anticipated. I think it will be a profitable occupation if we could devote more of our time to pray against anything that aim to tarnish the Gospel of Christ in our land than to join hands with those who blaspheme the word of God.

    Whether the story is true or not should be left to the two couple and their conscience, and i believe God is ever ready to welcome every penitent sinner. I REST MY CASE.

  10. First of all Anita is not a white woman. She is mixed race. Secondly how many black men will forgive their girlfriend for having an affair let alone a wife. The answer is zero. When it comes to a man committing adultery everyone is crying for forgiveness but if it’s a woman she’ll be called all sorts of names. Just because he is a pastor everyone remembers forgiveness.

  11. People you should be very careful of the words that you say and you speak..Whether it is true or not it is not your business it only becomes your business if you are deeply concerned not as a flippant comment or something…If you dont have anything good to say about a person it is best you keep quiet rather than to say a lot of things that you do not have evidence of.Let us stand in prayer for/with them that is all. A man who in his ways let him cast the first stone….M not saying this because i support ill behaviours all m saying is be careful of wat you say about them.Pastor Chris and Pastor Anita are men of God so becareful jus be careful.May God help us..thank you!

  12. Man of God I pray that God who does the impossible will visit your marriage.

    The only thing you did bad is talk about your wife the ways you did, you should have handled it the way Benny Hinn did, not talking negatively. we re all human, full of mistake only God is perfect.

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