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Comedian Alibaba: I Make What MO Abudu Paid Me For The Wedding Party In 4 Hours

alibaba mo abudu paid less wedding party

Feb 8, 2018 – Nollywood Actors Are Not As Wealthy As U See Them. I Make What MO Abudu Paid Me For The Wedding Party Movie In 4 Hours

Alibaba: I Make What MO Abudu Paid Me For The Wedding Party In 4 Hours, Nollywood Actors Not Wealthy

Nollywood actor and comedian Ali Baba has revealed that the fees received for acting in the Nigeria movie industry does not support the lifestyle portrayed by many Nollywood stars.

The ace comedian revealed this in his comment about now US-based actor Femi Ogedengbe who now does menial labour in the US to make ends meet.

According to him, it takes great courage to grab ones fate in both hands and do what Ogedengbe is doing unlike others who would prefer to continue living a fake life rather than embracing reality.

He further made it clear that most actors who portray the ‘big’ life are definitely not living the life of a Nollywood actor, they obviously do something else.

He made an analogy using a chanel bag which costs as much as 1.6million, “your fees in a role cannot get you that, neither can it buy you a Rolls Royce”.

Ali Baba hinted also that when he was invited to act in The Wedding party, he consulted Joke Silva on what to charge…

“For one month, what I got was lesser than what I earn in 4 hours” he said.

Nollywood can make you popular but it can’t buy you a Rolls…

“Most of the lifestyle you see in Nollywood is not supported by the fees for the roles played…” he concluded.

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  1. DB

    February 8, 2018 at 5:44 PM

    Tell them jare

  2. iron bar

    February 8, 2018 at 5:55 PM

    Thanks for the observation.we are aware of their fake and dubious life style.the ones with magnificient house and g wagon who end up in uk and dubai on frequent trips are into dirty deals plus sleeping around and.the ones who post them selves on social media telling us when they go to the shower are dead broke ones.peoplel.who made money from movie industry are not there any longer.what we see now is just a shadow of itself.

  3. tobi

    February 9, 2018 at 2:44 PM

    infact I give femi ogedengbe kudos nt d oda way round people are saying blunt nd real I give him jst a year in d state alot of fake nija actor/actress ll b begin him for money and i blif d guy is coming back big to d industry you are only deceiving ursef by living fake life

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