Cossy Orjiakor Confesses: “I’m A Hell-Bound Sinner, I’m Single & Looking For A Husband”

cossy orjiakor sinner hell fire

Sept 4, 2013 – Cossy Orjiakor Confesses: “I’m A Hell-Bound Sinner, I’m Single & Looking For A Husband”

Controversial Nigerian actress turned singer Cossy Orjiakor has confessed to the whole world her secret sin of immoralities that might land her in hell.

The star actress in a recent interview with V-Channels claims she’s currently single and looking for a man to give her a diamond engagement ring.

When asked to pray to God for a man, Cossy declined saying she’s a sinner.

Her most embarrassing moment:…  ‘I was driving and in the traffic, the guy walked up to me and grabbed my boobs and walked away.

On her dress sense: …’I wear 4DD. I’m so blessed. It’s not that I’m out to flaunt it, but it’s just that clothes don’t get to cover it all. It’s not really my fault.

On her fears:…  I’m afraid of not making heaven and getting old to live alone.

Ok now with all these confession madam Cossy why don’t you take a new turn.

Now you are fully aware that your controversial b**b exposure hobby is making men to sin.

Why not just give it all up and live a decent life?

39 thoughts on “Cossy Orjiakor Confesses: “I’m A Hell-Bound Sinner, I’m Single & Looking For A Husband”

  1. sorry ur case is a pity.
    ask 4 forgiveness b/4 it’s too late
    u are already old for most men. No reasonable man wants to marry an expired lady like u

  2. no man will take u serious anymore just give up and turn into a catholic sister.
    that is the best u can do for now

  3. u just want 2 lead many souls of men 2 hell. May God 4giv u. If i wia d man who grab ur boobs in d trafic, i would av make sure i pull it out 4rm d piece of rag ur wearing which u called cloth. Go tank ur God am nt d creazy one.

  4. Jst call dis number 08062365723, sm1 is intrested to marry you on condition dat u will repent. I hate pretenders

  5. it is well continue praying God will grant you your heart desire ijn.bcos there is joy over a sinner that repent.

  6. My dear,d bible says when we kneel down and confess our sins,he’s(God)faithful and just to forgive. Jesus loves u,and he does not want u to go to hell.pls turn to God b4 its 2 late…..i beg of u.

    • There is know body perfect except god.may god help everyone one of us 2 make heaven.if u are ready 2 change I will marry case dis is my numb.07069403113


  8. This is a serious situation after so much unworthy life nw u want to marry anyway may God grant you ur heart desire as u have chose to follow d way of God. But dat stupid boy dat mention dat she shuld go nd join rev. Sister does nt wat he saying.

  9. Finally, she wants get married afta everything don comot. All the mudun mudun (flavors) don comot long time. Now she nids hobby? Well, I guess u go to las vegas where u for see ur mate. Den dey dere.

    On a serious note, God loves those who repent and turn to Him. Come to islam where you wil be honored. If you go to christianity, your mode of dress wil not change cus den they dress like whores in there. You could easily revert to your old ways.

    It doesn’t matter if you have committed lots of evil deeds. God is All Forgiving, Most Merciful Quran says (chapter39:53) ” Say: O My servants, who have trangressed against themselves (by commiting sins and evil deeds), despair not of the mercy of Allah (God). Verily, God forgives all sins. Truly, He is All Forgiving, Most Merciful

    • Don comot,may christ av mercy on u!..”FOOLISH FOOL”..hw dare u blaspheme against christianity?..cossy dn’t mind him..cme 2 jesus nd he wil make u whole again..

  10. i knw dis remorse dat she’s avn is all bcos, she’s fustrated,depressed,she’s got no man she can call her own,she’s loveless,i jst hope one day dat her boobs will nt borst,cos der er jst like baloon. She’s nt even ready 2 repent, im sure if don see husband ,she will want 2 cont. Her normal way of life.

  11. @Don commot, truly ur brain don commot…. you & Cossy need more lecture on human & God relationship and on religion,u hear,boko haram Muslim?

  12. am seriously interested to marry u if u know u have finally repented…… call m on 07061064537…. am 27 yrs old guy just want settle down…. am currently working with oil and gas sector kano branch

  13. repent and give ur life to christ befor it is too late becos the bible say seek ye the kingdom of God and other thing shall be added into it ,first seek God and repent from that sin you are ,stop wearing satanic cloth and fixing satanic weav-on repent from that and you will see what God is going to do in your life and that husband that you have been expecting will surely come at the rigt time ,so my sister think about this and turn to God ,he will surely answer you .don give your life to satan resist him and he will flee from you.i pray for u that God will help u in Jesus in name AMEN.

  14. I’m not sure why Chibyke & Lashcartoons rant against me. Out of curiosity, I really want to know why. Please choose from one the following options below. Are you upset at me bcus I said:
    A). All her mudun mudun don comot?
    B). She should go to las vegas for her mate?
    C). God loves those who repent and turn to Him?
    D). God is All-Forgiving, Most- Merciful?
    E). Come to islam where you will be honored?
    F). She could easily revert to her old ways?
    G). If she goes to christianity, they dress whores and she won’t change?.
    H). All of the above
    I ) None of the above

    Please chose your answer and give reason you think it’s blasphemous or that I need to learn being human and relationship with God
    Thank you

  15. Coast dear, don’t mind those of them talking u down. Lord Jesus is ever willing to receive and cleanse u. You are better than some of them that are talking bad of u. Just repent. They will share your testimony with you. As par, getting married, there’s nothing to hard for God to u. I love u loads……

  16. Getting husband to marry does not make u to escape hell. The only way for u to escape hell fire is Jesus. Accept Jesus into ur life today nd he will surly giv u the power to go and sin no more. Shalom.

  17. @don comot, or wat eva u call dat ur useless name of urs, sb who has suddenly realised her sinful state n d possible destination of her soul (Hell) is looking 4 a solution in d light n all u cld do was 4 u 2 invite her 2 DARKNESS. Is dia hope 4 u as a muslim b4 u‘re inviting oda pers 2 join u? Can d blind lead d blind without both falling in2 a ditch? Infact u nid more repentance dan even Cossy herself, blood thirsty boko RAMS & GOATS. If u lk dont repent n rcv Jesus Christ as ur Lord n saviour so as 2 save ur soul if u have any, 4rm an impending damnation. B dia preaching religion.

  18. About the boobs, u crazy, there r lots of pple wus gat bigger boobs than urs….. So say smfin else….. What’s the pride of a woman in u….. Think about it

  19. We’ll my own is dat I want u 2 repent,if u can do dat I wil marry you nd me I wil also promise u dat u wil not regert of dat,u can get me through dis number 08096561829,07012969636 nd 07063578584.nd if u don’t mind u can also chat wit me on facebook my username is odujebe rasheed,my bbm pin 28E18AB1.

  20. our lord Jesus said, in John 8 verse 7, if any one among you has not sin let him or her stone this woman and they started going one by one, remember the small sin that condemn you also condemn the one that sin many sin, don’t rejoice over a sinner, pray for the sinner for repentant, want she need is repentant and God will be happy with her and not condemning her , are you perfect, can you come out and display your sins as she did,

  21. Kossy babe, thank God for making you realise the importance of been born again. God loves u so dearly. He is more willing to receive you than you wanted to come to him. Just repent and accept our Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord & saviour. As regards husband, he is able to give you anything! You are next in line for a miracle. I love u….

  22. @Don commot, sorry,I came back. to dis story very late. I chose ur G option… does covering d whole body make all Muslims better than Cossy or is dat a proof dat islam is a right religion? is Christianity preaching indecent dressing or are all Christians dressing indecently? Wait for a time when a religion will come out to preach immorality (indecent dressing inclusive) then u can advice ur Cossy not to join it .

  23. i think nobody is perfect in dis world. if is truely dat u re lukin 4 husband some1 is here 2 marry u. i mean it, just call dis number 08159644841 so dat we can be able 2 talk well

  24. i think i can help you on one condition if you can take good care of me and i promise you if you can give birth to me pls contact me on this 08137970842 or you add me on whatsapp with the number or 2go wabby100….hope to hear good news from you soon

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