Critic Says Nigerian Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s Wife Too Beautiful For Him


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May 1st, 2016 – Love Is Good: See How Wife Of Nigerian Governor Adams Oshiomhole Transformed Him

Critic Says Nigerian Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s Ethiopian Wife Too Beautiful For Him 

The governor of Edo State has not stopped flaunting his beautiful wife, Lara Oshiomhole whom he married last year.

Oshiomhole and his wife have become an item at political events and social circles across Nigeria. Sources say that Oshiomhole never misses any opportunity to flaunt his wife.

What a lot of Nigerians don’t know is that Adams Oshiomhole is a romantic man. Ever since he got married to his new bride, Lara, from Cape Verde he has totally become a transformed man.

In fact, he always wants her by his side where ever he goes. Lara is such a beautiful babe and Oshiomole makes sure that at any given oppor­tunity he does not fail to flaunt his wife before his friends and associates. In fact, she is like his hand bag and makes sure that she is always by her side where ever he goes whether attending state dinners or even official business. He knows that he is married to a beautiful wife and he enjoys flaunting her where ever he goes.

However at a recent poverty alleviation workshop in Benin, one of younger men was heard saying Lara Oshiomhole deserves a cute looking man like him and not the governor.

According to whispering birds at the event, at the height of his intense conversation with another fellow, the young man out of jealous said the romance between Oshio. and Lara is a clear case of the beauty and the beast.

At this point, the unemployed graduate walked out of the poverty alleviation event.