“Davido Turned Babymama Sophia Momodu Into A Weed Smoker, Drug Addict” – Substance Abuse Nurse


davido babymama drug addict

January 4, 2016 – Open Letter To Davido Over Babymama Drama & Sophia Momodu’s Cannabis Addiction Allegations

“Davido Turned His Babymama Sophie Momodu Into A Cannabis Smoker, Drug Addict” –  Substance Abuse Nurse Writes Open Letter To Singer

Check out this interesting open letter to Davido from a substance abuse nurse.

1. How dare Davido insult the lady in question. He claimed to be a child when they were dating . At 21 as an American and African citizen , he is a full blown adult who is responsible for his action . If he does not want her pregnant, he should have used protection.

2. Davido knew they are both addict or the lady is an occasional smoker.She might have been by Davido . Why should he be convicting the young lady now.

3. Being a cannabis smoker does not deny any mother from motherhood.

4. Davido can only deceive novice and illiterate

5. How can he prove that the cannabis if found in the child system was as a result if breast milk . Definitely it may be due to inhalation

6. Yes, I presumed the child was given SALBUTAMOL INHALER through pump to clear her lungs due to wheezing . This may be as a result infection,allergy,pollution.

Assessment can not prove asthma in a child of that age. I can assure you that it may not necessarily be as a result of cannabis in the system. Yet Davido claimed that the child has disability due to mother breastfeeding. Please say that to the gods and fools

As a substance abuse, mental health nurse , there is no fact in what Davido provided as an excuse. Go to America and prove it if you will not be in jail by now.

As a mother as well, I can assure you that almost 3/4 of the children in UK uses inhaler in their early life due to weak lungs . Baby lungs are not strong at this age.. This is not a big deal.

There is less correlation compared to what davido is proving. If he claimed that Sophia smoke heavily in the presence of baby, then i may not be able to doubt it but through breast milk and resulting to using inhaler , pls prove it and who or where is the doctor that told you that. What if the child is prone to asthma , however that can’t be assess at this tender age.

7. I support Dele Momodu 100% because when you are dealing with arrogant family like ADELEKES, you need to protect their guide.

8. Go through ADELEKES family, can you see a sensible individual most especially their men that behaves in sensible manner. This is due to upbringing which shows that their parents have failed in parenthood.

How can they be convicting an innocent person for the sake of money .

9. Sophia Momodu claimed that  the child has been in captivity for 5 months. Seeing her on Sunday and Christmas day does not mean she provided her child the care she deserves, no bonding at all. That means she has not been able to take care of IMADE herself under the same roof. Why would I be a visitor in my child’s life .

10. Also is Davido an addict . If yes could it be is through him as well
11. Davido want Sophia to sign America passport which I think the girl refused . If she ever did she will be waving bye bye to her own child . THE ADELEKES knows their plan .

Davido also claimed that Sophia made a mistake in administrating pump spray to IMADE. Did the ADELEKES shown her how to operate it , more so if Sophia has been in contact with the medical professionals about her child’s health , this could have been prevented

12. Had it been all these happens in AMERICA or UK ,THE ADELEKES would have been in prison by now

13. We will be surprised to know how many women Married or not that takes cannabis. Does that denied them of motherhood. Addiction is a big thing that requires treatment.

14 is Sophia cannabis addict , No . May be occasional smoker if true. Could it be that it was through inhalation from Davido into her system or through kissing. YES

15. Davido as you claimed to be rich , you will be surprised to know that many at your age do more for women. It is not a big deal if you do all that your mentioned for your baby mother. Yet you tried . It is because you are excited and happy to have your own child. Can you buy IMADE from market .No . Whatever you spent on Sophia, you are spending it on your child’s future. Pls stop singing ìt . It is annoying and shows that you are a money worshiper.

16. You accuses Dele Momodu of doing nothing for Sophia. Where were you when she was growing up, do you know of any emotional support he has provided . Silly boy

Advice to Davido .

At 23 you seems not to have learnt at all. You need to go back home to your father and learn home training . Your write says so much about your personality. If you do not want to be destroyed, change your ways. Also I can imagine the kind of product your father’s university is producing.

NOT A ROLE MODEL AT ALL.. If your father has failed in raising you what about the product of his university

Lastly to chief Dele Momodu, please do not relent.

[Article by Demdem, a certified substance abuse nurse]