D’banj & Kay Switch Arrive Paris, France From The US (Photos)

dbanj paris france

Sept 5, 2013 – D’banj & Kay Switch Arrives Paris, France From The US (Pictures)

Kokomaster D’banj has left the United States of America where he attended the wedding ceremony of Davido’s sister, Sharon Adeleke.

The hiphop star arrived the capital city of France on Wednesday morning.

According to insiders, he is currently staying in the same room where General Charles De Gaulle stayed when he visited the Hennessy mansion in Paris.

D’banj took his younger brother Kay Switch along this time around.

Check out more pics below;

Check out the skeleton design on his shirt! hmmmm that is something.

6 thoughts on “D’banj & Kay Switch Arrive Paris, France From The US (Photos)

  1. He is proud of his father, the satan. what do u expect from Illuminati devotees?
    if u like go to the space, I care less

  2. look at his T shirt and see the Illuminati bone and skull sign, and tomorrow he will deny and talk about how pastor oyedepo blessed his first internation passport. my brother there is no live in worshipping the devil come to christ now before it is too late, with all the money people think you have just watch how you are behaving in the pictures like a ten years old boy, that is just the sings of a devil worshipper.

  3. I really don’t want to judge if dbanj is in a cult or not. But his actions sometimes make one not to doubt public opinion. He came to ph like 2 weeks ago now for Hennessy show and wore a black shirt with this same skull just exactly as it is drawn here but it’s not this shirt. I saw him. Maybe he is love with dry skulls

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